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A life size adult male manikin which is fully adjustable. Sits at 71” (5’11”) tall. Handmade from high quality hardwood, this life sized manikin comes with a stand. An amazing tool for art instruction for any classroom, it is perfect for teaching how to draw males. Hardwood is unfinished and adjustable to any position. Great for new artists to learn human drawing as well as experienced artists. The large size of this manikin makes it a cost effective option for classroom instruction rather than having to buy several smaller manikins for each student.

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These manikins are sold within the Art Materials industry for drawing. They are also sometimes purchased for other purposes. Important! In the rare event that with time any of the joints loosen: We have worked with one of our Life Size Manikins and found that you can tighten the shoulders and the waist. There is a spring inside that will tighten and loosen by turning…. If you are facing the manikin, move the arms so they are straight out from the body, if you turn the upper arm towards you it will loosen, if you turn it away from you it will tighten. The same goes for the waist of the manikin, if you turn the lower body once more around it will tighten, if you turn it back, it will loosen. We recommend using two people so one can hold the legs while you turn the body.

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July 20, 2012

Fast, courteous service and the manikin is exactly what we were looking for - not too heavy and reasonably solid, generally very flexible with the exception of the hip joint which has limited movement. The stability/balance of the manakin, especially in relation to the stand (which we find inadequate) would be our only concern but as we were planning on mounting the manikin to a remote controlled mobile base this is not a problem for us. Minor issue during assembly was handled quickly, cheerfully and professionally by both Madison Art and the manufacturer.
February 07, 2011

I just received my life size male manikin in the mail a few days ago. It was very easy to assemble and as far as I can tell is one of the best of its kind on the market for my purposes. I am a portrait painter and I prefer to paint from life and not from photos. So I need to use a manikin to paint the clothing etc. when the sitter is unavailable. I have yet to put it to work but here are some observations. The construction is well thought out, fairly simple and the wood has a nice finish. The range of mobility of the torso and limbs are quite good except when it comes to the legs as they attach to the hips. Here the range of motion is only front to back, which is very limiting for certain poses... a disappointment once I realized this. Another negative is the wood it is made out of is not very hard, so it dings easily. I dinged it within the first hour. The last negative I have is the stand it attaches to is completely inadequate. It is not heavy duty enough for the weight of the manikin and is basically worthless. It started bending and cracking as soon as the weight of the manikin was depending on it.
I do look forward to working with it as a model stand-in as the range of motion is pretty good in the torso, arms, hands, head, knees and feet. I will have to find ways to work around the limited range of the hip/leg joints. I may have to build a stand that is sturdy enough to use it standing poses. I will be able to write a more thorough review once I begin using it.

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