Finding the Right Art Easel

Finding the Right Art Easel

Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, the right art easel can make all the difference. A good, well-built, reliable easel takes away the frustration of dealing with the equipment and allows your attention to be focused on creating. Good easels are also imperative in protecting your physical health. A good easel promotes correct working postures and habits; poor ones make for awkward painting and carry the possibility of physical pain.

So how do you find the right easel for you? Most artists will eventually own more than one easel. Large, full-scale studio easels offer a durable, stable painting station—but are not portable. Portable field easels are great for field painting or sketching but may not be stable enough for larger works. When you are choosing your first easel, it is best to consider what your primary use will be—travel or studio use.

The physical properties and dimensions of your painting space, either in studio or plein air, will also help determine which easel is right for you. Three-legged easels easily accommodate uneven studio floors, or uneven ground, but a flat base easel will give better stability if the floor/ground is flat enough to accommodate it.

Another consideration is how you like to work: sitting or standing. If you prefer to sit then a table top easel might be the one for you. It is also a great option if space is a limitation.

Cost and construction are also factors in choosing the right easel. The availability and variety of affordable easels makes it possible to find exactly what you’re looking for; there is something for everyone. Many artists start out with a good, reliable table top easel or field easel, and save up for a professional studio easel.

Working at an easel has many advantages from helping the artists to reduce or overcome distortion, to protecting his/her physical health by encouraging the right working posture. Finding the right easel is not just luxury, but an essential and necessary art tool.

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