Ideal Drawing Stations from Studio Design

Every artist, whether a beginner or professional, needs a dedicated workspace to store art supplies, to focus, and most importantly, to create. Studio Designs, one of the leading artists' furniture manufacturers, makes a variety of affordable, functional drawing stations for the passionate artist. Instead of fumbling with a makeshift studio space, let Studio Designs drawing stations be your personal workspace and save you the hassle.

Studio Designs drawing stations are designed specifically for artists, crafters, and designers alike. With a variety of practical features, these drawing stations will make working easier and more convenient. Most drawing station surfaces have an adjustable 30 degree tilt, resulting in less strain and a healthy posture when working. The angled drawing surfaces allow for better perspective, resulting in less distortion. Some designs, such as the Vision Craft Station, tilt up to 70 degrees. As a result, artists can be meticulous and accurate when determining perspective and filling in detail. Beginners and experts can both benefit from an angled Studio Designs drawing station. 

Additional features include dual top surfaces, attached art supply drawers, pencil holders, filing folders, and a wire grill to hang or clamp accessories. All features make the work station a little more organized, so artists can keep track of their supplies. 

Studio Designs is one of many trusted quality brands at We pride ourselves on helping artists find affordable, functional products, including a large stock of drawing stations. Once you find drawing station suited for your needs, be sure to explore our exquisite supply of art mediums for your next creation. 

Let Studio Designs Ideal Drawing Stations set up a comfortable work space for your next masterpiece. With plenty of surface, angled drawing boards, and functional storage room, Studio Designs drawing stations are the perfect place to set up shop. 

Studio Design Work Stations include wonderful drawing tables for yourself, or the artist in your family. Any artist understands that a great work location can be the difference in bad ideas and new masterpieces. Studio Design drawing tables are affordable products that have all the functionality you need to work comfortably. Now available at great low prices!

Studio Design's Work Station have all the functions you need to create some of your best work in comfort. Many tables come with dual top surfaces that allow you an angled top and a flat top at the same time. Standard angled tops adjusts to a 30-degree angle for drawing ease. Many include mesh baskets and a cup-like holder for pencils, pens and markers and/or a magazine holder to hold all of your important papers or magazines. Wire grill sides allow your accessories to hang in an organized way. You won’t have to worry about a cluttered drawing desk.

Drawing at an angle will allow you to see your paper clearly without distortion. This will improve your drawing angles and could improve your drawing ability. Having an angle option will also improve your posture while drawing. This will save wear and tear on your back. You will be able to work more efficiently and for longer periods of time. You will notice a considerable difference over a period of time.

Studio Designs is only one of many brands that we offer at We stock a large variety of drawing tables that will fit anyone’s needs. From beginners to professionals, you will find exactly what you are searching for. Be sure to browse today to view all of our incredible drawing supplies to create your next work of art.
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