Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium OrchidThe cymbidium orchid is a classic orchid. It is instantly recognizable as a beautiful five-petal star- shaped orchid, in a light shade of pink.

In real life, this cymbidium orchid is extremely difficult to grow. The plant is very fragile and the flowering only occurs in the perfect climate and temperature.

Silk flower artisans have perfected the art of replicating these beautiful orchids using fine silk and hand-made practices. Even to the trained eye, it is incredibly difficult to discern a silk orchid from a real one.

The benefits of a silk orchid are there is no need to water it or care for it. It always remains in pristine conditions and only needs the occasional dusting to look fresh.

Silk flowers are just like artwork. They capture the essence of the beautiful blossom of the rare flower and freeze this image in time.

To enhance the beauty this flower sometimes comes with artificial moss to simulate its actual living environment.

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