American Easel Painting Panels

American Easel Painting Panels
As Seen On The "Martha Stewart Show!" Solid, rigid panels are the perfect way to paint on a surface that won't flex as you work.

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 #AE66(x3pcs) 6in. x 6in. x 7/8-in.d
 #AE66-D(x3pcs) 6in. x 6in. x 1-5/8in.d
 #AE88(x3pcs) 8in. x 8in. x 7/8in.d(+$6.00)
 #AE88-D(x3pcs) 8in. x 8in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$6.00)
 #AE810(x3pcs) 8in. x 10in. x 7/8in.d(+$6.00)
 #AE810-D(x3pcs) 8in. x 10in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$6.00)
 #AE912(x3pcs) 9in. x 12in. x 7/8in.d(+$12.00)
 #AE912-D(x3pcs) 9in. x 12in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$12.00)
 #AE1010(x3pcs) 10in. x 10in. x 7/8in.d(+$9.00)
 #AE1010-D(x3pcs) 10in. x 10in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$9.00)
 #AE1022(x3pcs) 10in. x 22in. x 7/8in.d(+$27.00)
 #AE1022-D(x3pcs) 10in. x 22in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$27.00)
 #AE1114(x3pcs) 11in. x 14in. x 7/8in.d(+$18.00)
 #AE1114-D(x3pcs) 11in. x 14in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$18.00)
 #AE1212(x3pcs) 12in. x 12in. x 7/8in.d(+$18.00)
 #AE1212-D(x3pcs) 12in. x 12in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$18.00)
 #AE1216(x3pcs) 12in. x 16in. x 7/8in.d(+$24.00)
 #AE1216-D(x3pcs) 12in. x 16in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$24.00)
 #AE1218(x3pcs) 12in. x 18in. x 7/8in.d(+$24.00)
 #AE1218-D(x3pcs) 12in. x 18in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$24.00)
 #AE1224(x3pcs) 12in. x 24in. x 7/8in.d(+$39.00)
 #AE1224-D(x3pcs) 12in. x 24in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$39.00)
 #AE1414(x3pcs) 14in. x 14in. x 7/8in.d(+$24.00)
 #AE1414-D(x3pcs) 14in. x 14in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$24.00)
 #AE1616(x3pcs) 16in. x 16in. x 7/8in.d(+$39.00)
 #AE1616-D(x3pcs) 16in. x 16in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$39.00)
 #AE1620(x3pcs) 16in. x 20in. x 7/8in.d(+$39.00)
 #AE1620-D(x3pcs) 16in. x 20in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$39.00)
 #AE1818(x3pcs) 18in. x 18in. x 7/8in.d(+$39.00)
 #AE1818-D(x3pcs) 18in. x 18in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$39.00)
 #AE1824(x3pcs) 18in. x 24in. x 7/8in.d(+$54.00)
 #AE1824-D(x3pcs) 18in. x 24in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$54.00)
 #AE2024(x3pcs) 20in. x 24in. x 7/8in.d(+$60.00)
 #AE2024-D(x3pcs) 20in. x 24in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$60.00)
 #AE2424(x3pcs) 24in. x 24in. x 7/8in.d(+$99.00)
 #AE2424-D(x3pcs) 24in. x 24in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$99.00)
 #AE2430(x3pcs) 24in. x 30in. x 7/8in.d(+$105.00)
 #AE2430-D(x3pcs) 24in. x 30in. x 1-5/8in.d(+$105.00)

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Product Description:
Painting on standard canvases comes with a stretching and flexing that some painters don't want for specific works. When you want a firm surface for your work that won't flex as you paint, there are these panels for your paintings. With these panels, the smooth wood construction gives you an easy surface for painting, and that surface extends around the edges. The wood cradle is smooth and solid, and it allows for a rigid painting surface that includes edges that are sanded and ready to extend your work. These panels have cradled backs that provide an easy way to hang them and ensure that the panels won't warp. There is no need to primer the panels before using, but any gesso can be used if desired. Choose from between a deep or flat cradle for just the panel for your needs.

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Carlsbad, Ca
October 01, 2011

I ordered 2 3-packs and received only 2 8x10 panels.
Been waiting all last week for customer service to get back to
me. Still waiting...

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