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Product Description:
Combo Lamp U32100-01
Choose your light! The combo lamp works with either a low heat Daylight tube for color correcting light or an incandescent non-daylight bulb for warmer light. You can use the tube and the bulb together or independently. This lamp is widely used by artists who want to vary the color of the light when they are working on a painting or other art project. The lamp has a high quality, durable metal arm with internal springs.

Metal table clamp
28W energy saving circular tube

Lamp Technical Information
Height: 76cm (30 inches)
Light: 28W (150W) + 100W
Light 1: 28 low heat circular Daylight tube (U12020)
Light 2: 100w non-daylight bulb (not included and not needed)

Bulb Technical Information
28w energy saving daylight circular tube. The unique Daylight™ lighting technology not only reduces eye-strain but also helps reduce greenhouse gases by consuming 75% less energy. Simply put, Daylight™ is better for the environment and for your eyes!
  • Watts: 28w
  • Tungsten equiv: 150W
  • Kelvin: 6500K
  • Lumens: 1900
  • CRI: 85

    Optional Floorstand
    The combo lamp comes witha table-clamp to clamp onto any table edge.
    An Optional Four Spoke Floorstand U53030 is also available.
    Suitable for U32100-01/U22020/22030
  • Height: 75cm (29˝ inches)
  • Weight: 11.5kg
  • 4 wheels

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    Minneapolis, MN
    May 10, 2010

    A versatile lamp with good balanced lighting. Showers enough light to cover a large 5 foot wide drafting table. I do recommend. Came with minor dings, probably from the manufacturer.

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