AllerAir "DX Models" Air Purifiers (Recommended for: Working with heavy amounts of Turpentines, Oil Paints and other chemicals)

Expressing your creativity with a form of art should be good for you and your overall health, not bad for it. Unfortunately, there are so many airborne particles, odors, gases and chemicals that are produced by numerous art supplies and similar materials that the air that surrounds you is full of potentially harmful impurities. In order to remove these items from the air and create better quality air to breathe in as you work your magic on a pottery wheel or a blank canvas, you must consider an air purifier.

Choose the DX model from AllerAir, as it is one of the top-recommended products for artists who work heavily with oil paints, turpentines and other strong chemicals. With one of these purifiers, you’ll be able to powerfully and affordably filtrate the air in your studio, which will help you create more meaningful and beautiful masterpieces.

If you are finding it difficult to breathe when you are in your art studio, the culprit very well may be poor indoor air quality brought on by your art supplies. Keep your art studio’s air purified with the AllerAir DX model air purifier.

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