Best Medium Duty Cross-Braces

These cross-braces are made with quality in mind from straight cut white pine, guaranteed to be knot-free, and dried in a kiln. They are recommended for canvases with at least one side longer than 30", but are available to provide support for canvases as small as 10".

Purchase a cross-brace in the same length as your shorter stretcher bar to brace the longer side. For example, if your canvas is 28" x 48", you would start with a cross-brace of 28". To give your canvas extra support, follow-up with a 48" brace to place across the first.

Cross-braces come pre-notched so you can easily cross them in the center.

Prices include one cross-brace, not a crossed pair.

Cross-braces attach to stretcher bars with cross-brace brackets. (2 brackets are included FREE with each cross-brace).

These cross-braces are intended for use only with Best Medium Duty Stretch Bars.

Stretch your canvas to the max by supplementing your stretcher bars with these rigid cross-braces.

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