RICHESON 24" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890109

RICHESON 24" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890109
BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bars are in a class of their own!
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Product Description:

The Best Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar is a must for any artist working on canvas. Its innovative back edge is curved to keep the canvas 1/2 inch from the stretcher bar in order to prevent blotting impressions from marring the canvas. The curve also reduces friction. 

Best selects only knot free specimens of white pine, then kiln dries and bonds them together to form long straight pieces resulting in a stretcher bar that is warp-free and longer lasting than others.

Measures 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" x 24".

Made of knot-less white pine and dried in a  kiln oven, these stretchers are spliced for durability and warp resistance. It's curved back edge stretches canvasses to perfection and prevents ghost blot impressions from appearing on the canvas.
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