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This deluxe easel is the perfect workspace for the budding artist in your life.  The high quality wood easel is built to last, and can be customized in several different ways.
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 #01102 Deluxe Easel, Chalkboard, MARKER Board, WOOD Trays, Cutter
 #01104 Deluxe Easel, Chalkboard, MARKER Board, RED Trays, Cutter
 #01107 Deluxe Easel, Chalkboard, MAGNET Board, RED Trays, Cutter(+$20.00)
 #01110 Deluxe Easel, Chalkboard, MAGNET Board, WOOD Trays, Cutter(+$20.00)

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Product Description:

This solid wood easel can be configured in several different ways to fit the preference of the budding artist in your life.  The easel comes with your choice of marker or dry-erase board or a chalkboard.  The marker board is magnetic, and can be used to hold magnets of just about any shape or size.  In addition, the trays at the bottom of the board can be your choice of wood or red.  A roll or two of watercolor ready paper can be included with the easel, but the easel can be used with just about any type of paper.

After picking the features that you and your child want, you'll see that this board is great addition to any child's playroom.  An easel gives a child a designated space to paint and draw that is easy to clean.  By always having a ready surface to create his or her next masterpiece a child can start to "work" whenever he or she wants to.  Parents and teachers don't have to worry about clearing a space at the dining room table.

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Watertown, WI
December 27, 2011

Very deceptive advertising. I purchased the BEKA easel and assumed the easel included the roll of paper that is shown in the picture. The paper costs an additional $17.00 for one roll. It would be nice if the picture on the web site would clearly show the easel only and not display the easel with a roll of paper.

Anatomy of a Beka Easel

We love this easel’s small carbon footprint; there are no ocean voyages involved in getting it here.
We feel good about supporting a small domestic manufacturer.
You get all this without compromising on the product at all!!
• Made by a family owned and operated business in Minnesota.
• Designed to be fun and functional; built to last generations (the Beka folks have been at it since 1973).
• Modular features can be mixed and matched, giving you a custom product.
• Constructed using regionally grown hard maple for truly heirloom quality.
• Individually crafted for the children who will enjoy them.

Paper Holder
Beka’s top mounted paper holder keeps paper handy, while also out of the way.
This easel folds for storage with paper attached.
Easel art paper available from Beka - heavy duty printing paper that reduces bleeding.

Paper Cutter
A simple maple wood strip holds paper flat against the easel’s art surface and creates a child-safe way to remove and save art.

Art Surfaces (2)
Choose green chalkboard and dry-erase markerboard, or washable magnetboard (designed primarily for use with magnets, this surface doubles as a dry-ease markerboard or a washable art surfaces).

Paint Trays
Wood and Red Plastic paint trays are available.
Both options are large, providing all the storage space you’ll need. Wooden trays give you a more natural look and feel; plastic trays are washable.
We like the easy cleaning option; however,you may prefer the patina of a well used wood tray. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Large Creative Areas
The generous size accommodates a wide age range,and eliminates the need to adjust your easel to different heights over time. The sturdy “A” - frame and low tray position lets toddlers safely lean on the easel during use.
As children grow, the entire the art surface becomes available, as do the easels other features.
You get what you pay for, and sometimes you get more than you think! That’s the case with our featured easel.

Pinch Proof Hinges
A unique system using durable delrin pins as pivot points, provides space between legs - no pinching or scissors action when easel is closed.

Center Storage Platform
This large storage space for art supplies doubles as a secure locking system that keeps the easel from folding, even during the heaviest use.
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