ARTFIX Heavy Impasto Linen 4x Lead Primer 85"x5.5yd

ARTFIX provides only the best lin products for all of your impasto painting needs.

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Product Description:

Serious artists who do lots of impasto painting should only use linen products from ARTFIX. This canvas is superior to cotton-based products because it is more durable. Your impasto paintings will survive for hundreds of years thanks to the great craftsmanship that went into creating this ARTFIX heavy impasto linen canvas.

Made in Italy, the Narozni family who is behind the ARTFIX brand has been creating these products for more than 30 years. They only produce museum-quality canvas products that are hand-primed using centuries-old techniques.

The ARTFIX  Heavy Impasto Linen is hand woven using tough and heavy linen fibers that is just perfect for large format artwork. It can absorb and hold the thick oil strokes of impasto artists. The wet on wet oil paint texture is preserved and no dripping occurs when you use this linen canvas.

This linen canvas gets applied twice with a special formula of acrylic sizing to isolate the fabric from the acid content of the primer and paints. After which, it gets six coatings of oil-based or acrylic-based white primer. The primer used on all ARTFIX products has the same strength, adhesion, and absorption of the classic white primer paint but without the toxic ingredients. It is lead-free.

Made of the best quality materials, serious artists can create museum quality artwork that only ARTFIX can provide.

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