Anime Studio - Animation Software

Are you searching for a great way to take your artwork to the next technology level? Anime Studio is a fascinating piece of software that will take care of all of your cartoon and animation needs. You can create quality cartoons, anime and cut out animations right from your personal computer. You can complete your projects in a fast, effective and efficient way.

You can either use ready-to-use characters, or your own original with Anime Studio. The exciting scan feature allows you to quickly scan your original characters into your personal computer. All of your original characters can come to life with Anime Studio. This is ideal for those of you that love to freestyle draw your characters to obtain a better feel for them. If you are not much of a drawer on paper, the pen tablet will allow you to draw your characters right on your computer screen.

With the Anime Studio bone system you can add a skeleton to any image. A few clicks of your mouse will bring your character to life. You will be able to adjust the bones to do individual movements. This feature will save you time as you are animating. As with any successful animator, you will be able to set the movements to a timeline. Anime Studio will understand the timeline and allow your characters to move freely.

One of the most important parts in creating wonderful animation is the sound that you use. Remember, many years ago cartoons did not use voices. Only music and sound was able to bring the viewers along in the storyline. With Anime Studio you will be able to ass emotion and style to your animations by adding exciting sound. This will allow you to use voice, music or other sounds and be dramatic as you wish your characters to be.

Once you have completed your animations you can publish your creation in many different ways. You can post your animations using SWF Flash animation files, AVI and MOV movie files. This will allow all of your friends, family and the world to see your beautiful work. With all of the wonderful animation tools you will be able to do some of your best artwork. Creating 2D animation art is a fantastic experience for a beginner or a professional. This powerful and easy to use animation software will surely bring you or your loved one hours of excitement.

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