AirPura H600 Air Purifier

AirPura H600 Air Purifier

Keep potentially harmful particles of dust out of the air while working on pastel paintings with a powerful air purifier and filtration system. Using a HEPA filtration system and a carbon weave filter, the AirPura H600 Air Purifier will trap dust and particles that accumulate while working with pastels.

Item Code: Airpura-H600

Sale-Price: $609.98

Product Description:

The AirPura H600 Air Purifier quickly, quietly, and effectively filters airborne particles that accumulate while using pastel paints by using a combination air purifier and filtration system. A large, 40 sq ft HEPA filtration surface provides full-scale particle removal by effectively trapping over 99% of all airborne particles. A heavy-duty Hi-C carbon weave filter eliminates odors and airborne chemicals. Measuring 22" high and 15" wide, the AirPura H600 Air Purifier provides clean, particle free air for an area that measure up to 2000 sq ft making it ideal for use in art studios or near a single easel. This air purification system can also work great for creating a clean, allergen-free work area for painters and artists who suffer from severe allergies and asthma.

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