Airpura C600 Air Purifier

Airpura C600 Air Purifier

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There are some art projects that use noxious chemicals, such as various oils and turpentine, that very strongly suggest that the artist go outdoors. Unhappily, many projects that use these very chemicals are also highly finicky, making the notion of leaving the controlled environment of the studio an impossibility if maximum results are a goal. The answer to this dilemma is an activated carbon air purification system.

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Product Description:

The Airpura C600 Air Purifier features an extra large activated carbon bed for maximum chemical adsorption.

  • Activated carbon causes dangerous, greasy fumes to stick to the carbon and clean the air
  • Various blends of activated carbon are available for specific chemical families from oil to acetone  
  • 26-pound capacity results in a 3" deep bed that ensures a long enough filtration path to adsorb even particularly difficult to trap chemicals
  • HEPA-Barrier post filter imprisons any remaining particulates
  • 22" high x 15" wide
  • Rated for a maximum room size of 2000 sq. ft.

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