About Watercolor Painting

Watercolor painting is a great hobby for anyone to have. The beautiful pieces you can create, along with the relaxation makes it the ideal hobby. Watercolor painting is the process in which pigments are suspended in a water-soluble vehicle. The typical, and most common, surface to paint watercolors is paper. There are other surfaces to paint on with watercolor paints. Leather, canvas wood and fabric are other surfaces that have been used over the years.

Watercolor painting is an extremely old practice dating back centuries. German artist Albrecht Durer is commonly thought of as one of the originators in the practice of watercolor painting. Some believe that watercolor painting dates back to cave paintings in Europe. Regardless of the starting point, watercolor painting has remained one of the ideal mediums in all of art. In the United States watercolor painting quickly became the rage in the 19th century. The craze in watercolor painting created a time of innovation with special papers, brushes and techniques.

Watercolor paints are comprised of four main parts. The colorant, binder, additives and solvent are the main parts of the paint. There are many different techniques to use when using watercolor paints. Wet in wet is a technique that allows the painter to paint with wet paints in wet areas. This allows the paint to run and blend together creating a unique look. Mixing watercolor paints provides different effects with the paint on the paper. There are several ways to mix watercolor paints to provide the best effect that you are searching for.

The Watercolor Video Get Started Watercolor Video, featuring Susan Scheewe, is a wonderful video that will help anyone get started in the watercolor experience. This half hour introductory video allows artists to learn the basics of the watercolor world. You know Susan Scheewe from television shows, books and other literature. Her expertise in the watercolor world will allow her to teach you the basics that you need to know about watercolor painting. This video is perfect for those who want to obtain a new hobby, or a retiree. Scheewe has taught nationally and internationally about watercolor painting. You or your loved one will surely learn the basics that you need to know about this fascinating art medium.

The American Watercolor Society was created in 1886 to promote the art of watercolor painting in America. This organization is a great way to get involved and learn more about watercolor painting. An interesting twist is that this organization was one of the first of its kind to allow women to join. The AWS is now going well over 100 years strong in teaching and promoting the use of watercolors. You can travel to shows around the country to view beautiful watercolor pieces and get tips from experts on watercolor painting.

Watercolor painting is a medium that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. With winter upon us, you may want to incorporate watercolor painting into the loves of your children, or a spouse. This is a lovely way to spend quality time trading ideas, stories and fantastic paintings with the people that you love. The best part about watercolor painting is that you can get started with inexpensive products.

No matter your expertise level in the watercolor medium, we have a wide variety of watercolor products for you to choose from at MadisonArtShop.com. From paints to brushes, you will surely find what you need to begin, or sustain your hobby. You can also find your favorite watercolor painting paper. There is a reason why watercolor painting has survived and strived through the centuries. Now is your time to understand this exciting way of art. Visit our watercolor section at MadisonArtshop.com to open your eyes to a vast new world today.

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