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DeBruyne Lighting™, LLC provides the best fine art lighting system on the market today. Using breakthrough technology, DeBruyne Lighting™ provides the perfect intensity and even distribution of light to illuminate fine works of art while virtually eliminating distracting shadows and highlights.

Precision optics and a specialized UV filter make DeBruyne Lighting™ the perfect picture light for museum lighting, gallery lighting, and fine art masterpieces everywhere.

Precision crafted lighting fixture for serious art collectors desiring the best

Die cast components with 24k gold finish, to ensure a lifetime of beauty

Each light is custom made to each painting:

  • You decide how to supply power. Plug into a recessed electrical outlet (clock box) behind the painting or hardwire into a junction box or simply plug into a standard wall outlet.

  • Low voltage transformers supplied according to your application. 12 volt picture light kit.

  • Mount to the frame or wall using our universal mounting bracket

  • Halogen light, by its nature provides a more natural color rendering than normal incandescent light sources. Your work of art looks as the artist intended it to appear! Artists themselves have raved over the performance of the DeBruyne Light™.

    All light sources emit ultraviolet light- as does the sun. These rays are harmful to colors and pigments used in paintings. We eliminate (>99%) these damaging UV rays by using a filter between the light source and your precious artwork. This filter, by Optivex ™, is durable and optically clear and is specified by fine galleries and art museums worldwide.

    Museums have also recommended limits on the intensity of lighting used on works of art. Over long periods of time, intense light can also fade and otherwise degrade paintings. The DeBruyne Light™ is designed to provide the correct lighting level for your painting- not too little, not too much. See what the artist intended- for a lifetime!

    The DeBruyne Light™ is UL listed for safety, and as such is designed to be safe, durable and effective for a lifetime of enjoyment.

    See for your yourself why other's call this unique product: "THE BEST ARTWORK LIGHTING SYSTEM IN THE WORLD!"


    Q: Can you please tell me more about the electrical work involved to install your lights?

    A: The DeBruyne Lights are low voltage (12 volts versus 110 volts at a wall outlet) and require a transformer to convert the voltage. The electrical work can be as simple as asking us to supply a standard 6 ft. cord with an on/off switch and plug it into a floor or wall outlet. Another solution is to have a residential electrical contractor install recessed electrical outlets (clock boxes) behind each painting. Our plug-in transformer will fit into the recessed electrical outlet. There are other options that may be added such as remote control on/off functions, timers and whole house lighting control systems. The DeBruyne associate that works with you in your home can fully explain all of the options that may be appealing.

    Q: You say you are offering “Breakthrough Technology”, what can you tell me about that?

    A: Our technology is truly breakthrough in as no one has developed the ability to evenly distribute light over a painting surface. The light pattern is so precise that we measure your artwork to the nearest 1/2 of an inch. We are able to achieve this wonderful effect by customizing optics for each painting size. To achieve an even distribution of light over the painting surface, we use our patent pending internal reflector halogen bulb.

    Q: I didn't know that some artwork lights or natural sunlight could damage my paintings. What is UV light and how does your product protect my paintings.

    A: Tragically, few collectors are aware of this critical factor in positioning valuable artwork in their homes and in lighting their collections with alternative products. We have included an Optivex™ ultraviolet light filter with each light and it eliminates 99% of this damaging light. This is the same filter used by world-class museums to protect their art treasures.

    Q: What sizes of paintings can you light?

    A: Currently, the DeBruyne Light comes in two sizes. The small size is 4 ½ “ wide and can light a surface up to 27”x27”. The medium fixture is 6” wide and will illuminate a surface up to 48”x48”. We have begun developing a large fixture that may light a surface up to 96”x96” and this should be available in 2004. We have also adapted multiple fixtures to very large paintings and tapestries. In addition, we have discovered that by lighting paintings that are located in very high areas of a home or office from the bottom we offer a wonderful effect that eliminates any glare from a varnished artwork.

    Q: You have a very unique bulb. How long will it last?

    A: The average life of each bulb is 3000 hours. Under normal usage, this will offer a 5-year life without purchasing additional bulbs.

    Q: If I replace a painting in my collection, may I purchase a new optic for the existing artwork light?

    A: Yes, of course. As long as the size is similar, simply supply us with the measurements of the new painting and we will send a replacement optic to you. The optic can be replaced in less than a minute.

    Q: How long is the warranty on the DeBruyne Lights?

    A: DeBruyne Lights come with a one year manufacturer's warranty on the fixture. Certain electrical problems such as surges, lightening, etc. can damage the transformer and bulb. In this event, DeBruyne will supply new transformers and bulbs at a reasonable cost.

    Q: We have an existing lighting control system built into our home. Can your lights tie in with these controls?

    A: Yes. We love the state-of-the-art lighting control systems and our lights are easily adapted to those systems. In fact, this is much easier than a standard installation. Many of our clients consider the time they are purchasing a DeBruyne Artwork Lighting System to be the ideal time to upgrade their home to a sophisticated lighting control system too. The logic is simple, as long as the residential electrical contractor is working in the home, let’s go ahead and upgrade the whole home systems.

    Service and Installation

    DeBruyne Lighting is committed to the satisfaction and pleasure our fine art lighting products offer our discerning clients. We spare no effort in providing the best service available to enhance the beauty and visibility of important private art collections.

    Our lights are easy to install and adjust.
    You can do it yourself. DeBruyne will provide any assistance needed by simply calling their toll free number 1-800-967-1268. All necessary installation components are included with your lights.

    Our lights are customized for each of your paintings.

    1. DeBruyne lights are customized to exacting standards. Optics are prepared for each of your paintings to the nearest ½”. We may light just the painting with a nice ‘glow’ on the frame, or the entire painting and frame. You simply provide us with the measurements.

    2. In most cases DeBruyne customize the lights for you and ship within 7-10 days of receiving your order. An installation date can be established during the order process if that is your preference.

    3. The lights work well on watercolors under glass as long as the picture is not hung high on the wall.

    4. Glare on glass: The picture needs to be at or a little above eye level. If you get much higher than that there will be glare. The only thing to do if it is higher than that is to mount the light from the bottom.

    5. Our light will not sit on a mantle, however, they can be attached to the bottom of a picture.

    6. We stand behind our lights with a full guarantee.

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