6000 Series HEPA Filter

Breathe easier with true, high-quality HEPA filters. These 6000 series HEPA filters are your only defense against airborn impurities. Remove all harmful particles, pollutants and contaminents from your air with the most efficiency. These highly effective filters capture small particles like dust mites, bacteria to protect your family from airborn threats.

Item Code: AA-6000-Series-HEPA-Filter

Sale-Price: $149.98

Product Description:

Replacement Filter for Allerair 6000 series.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) remove tiny dust particles, common lung irritants, and airborne pollutants to deliver fresher air in your home. Each filter combines the power of true HEPA filtration, a technology that uses randomly arranged fibers to extract more particles with the most efficiency possible.

By moving more air through the filter you clean more of the air in your home, and protect your family from harmful airborne organisms, bacteria and dust mites.

Providing the critical protection you need for the widest range of toxins and pollutants, these powerful 6000 series HEPA filters deliver the most reliable filtration while remaining extremely cost-effective. Durable, effective, and designed to last, count on these filters for exceptional performance every single day. 

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