AllerAir 6000 D Exec Carbon Replacement Filter

The 6000 D Exec Carbon Replacement Filter, is a professional grade quality air purification replacement filter that provides high quality filtration in order to provide people with easier breathing habits. The filtration system provides large filtering of debris that cleans the air and provides easy breathing in a room or building.

Item Code: AA-6000-D-Exec-Carbon

Sale-Price: $259.00

Product Description:

The 6000 D Exec Carbon Replacement Filter provides a way to upkeep a filtration system and make sure that it is in top condition. The filtration replacement filter is built of top of the line professional material that makes sure to provide professional filtration of debris and harmful particles that may develop in the air and become quite harmful. Utilizing the system allows for the upkeep and proper maintenance of an air purifier, ensuring proper professional air filtration and purification. It is essential to replace and keep purification systems up to date so that they are able to continue to function in their filtering out of debris and the 6000 D Exec Carbon Replacement Filter keeps air purifiers clean and current.

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