Marauders and Commuters: Mapping Murder (Enhanced DVD)

Marauders and Commuters: Mapping Murder (Enhanced DVD)
A great look into the criminal practices of commuting and marauding, as well as combinations of the two.
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Marauders and Commuters: Mapping Murder (Enhanced DVD) explores the criminal practices of marauding and commuting. A marauder is essentially a serial predator who does all of his or her crimes from one centrally placed home base. However, in contrast, a commuter travels to different places in search of victims. It is possible to combine marauding and commuting in a variety of different ways, and many criminals have done just that while committing their crimes. In this documentary, Professor David Canter does a comparison and contrast between marauding and commuting in terms of crime, as well as gives the view or a portrait of two commuter-marauders who committed multiple homicidal assaults on women. These two criminals are Adrian Babb and jacques Plumain, and there are similarities and differences between the way that the two went about their criminal careers and combined the practices of marauding and commuting while they were doing so. Adrian Babb of Birmingham crossed the highway into a different neighborhood in Birmingham in order to commit his crimes, and the French Jacques Plumain, known as the Phantom, marauded in Strasbourg and then marauded some more after crossing the border into the German town of Kehl. These two criminals combined the practices of marauding and commuting in order to commit their respective series of heinous crimes, and the way in which they went about it is explored in detail and the two men are compared in detail as well. This video was released in 2002 and is a part of the "Mapping Murder: Investigative Psychology Meets Geographical Profiling" series. The video is 23 minutes in length.
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Geographic profiling is a method used in criminology to analyze the location of a series of crimes in order to find the most popular location of the offender. Both quantitative and qualitative methods are used for geographic profiling, and it is used to assist investigators with understanding how offenders tend to move about. It also helps to focus the investigation on a specific community, which can help uncover more evidence about a particular crime. This type of profiling is usually used for the worst crimes including murder, terrorism, robbery, rape and arson.

Serial predators who work from a home base are described as marauders in the world of criminal geographic profiling. Commuters are predators who travel from one area to another in search of their victims. What occurs when marauding and commuting is combined? Professor David Canter compares two commuter-marauders who murdered several women. “The Phantom” Jacques Plumain marauded in Strasbourg and the commuted into the German town of Kehl and set up another marauding operation. Birmingham resident Adrian Babb commuted into a different neighborhood in Birmingham to commit his murders. This program is a part of the series – Mapping Murder: Investigative Psychology Meets Geographic Profiling. (23 minutes)

Marauders and Commuters: Mapping Murder
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-0-81608-837-9
  • Run Time: 23 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2002
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