The Hunt for AI (Enhanced DVD)

The Hunt for AI (Enhanced DVD)
Marcus du Sautoy, a mathematician and professor at Oxford, takes the viewer on a journey to investigate the growing technology of artificial intelligence or AI.
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Product Description:
Go on a journey with Marcus du Sautoy, a mathematician and a professor at Oxford University, as he investigates the growing technology of artificial intelligence or AI. AI is a new technique for building computers and robots that can, for the lack of a better word, think intuitively. Such technology has been the subject of science fiction, but is now being explored in the real world. For instance, an IBM computer named Watson recently won a game of Jeopardy against human contestants. AI is being applied to a variety of fields, including medicine, space exploration, transportation, and indeed any discipline that involves problem solving. Such machines would pass the so-called Turing Test, giving answers to questions indistinguishable from those from a human being. These devices will be able to learn just like a human learns. What will it mean if and when artificial intelligence becomes a reality? Many proponents believe that AI computers and robots will enhance human life in ways that may be unimaginable. But some warn that in creating AI devices we may not be creating better servants or even companions, but our masters or even replacements. A BBC production.

The Hunt for AI (Enhanced DVD)
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-309-9
  • Run Time: 53 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: ©2012
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