Elder Fraud and Exploitation—Durham, San Diego, Sweetheart: Scammed (Enhanced DVD)

Elder Fraud and Exploitation—Durham, San Diego, Sweetheart: Scammed (Enhanced DVD)
Enhanced DVD that recounts true incidents of elder abuse involving family members or other trusted individuals is available for those who want to learn how to protect their loved ones and themselves.
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Product Description:
Elder Fraud and ExploitationÑDurham, San Diego, Sweetheart: Scammed (Enhanced DVD) This DVD documents eye-opening accounts of elderly men and women who fell prey to the fraudulent schemes perpetrated by predators who target older victims. The sad fact is that these predators are often a family member or other trusted individual who has gained the trust of the elderly person only to use it against them. In Scammed, the elderly are robbed by a family member, trusted legal entity, or romantic interest who gains legal and sometimes illegal access to their retirement savings, investments, homes, and hearts. The methods used by people who prey on the elderly, from simple deceit to outright bullying, are reviewed so that viewers can watch for these kinds of activities in the lives of their loved ones. These are heartbreaking accounts that illustrate the financial vulnerability of the elderly and how we can protect them. Some content may be difficult to view. Viewer discretion is advised. (21 minutes)

Elder Fraud and Exploitation- Durham, San Diego, Sweetheart: Scammed

Enhanced DVD

ISBN: 978-1-61753-822-3

Run Time: 21 minutes

Copyright Date: 2011

Customer Reviews

Itís an unfortunate fact, but the elderly are often target victims for fraudsters. They are often too trusting of strangers or are unaware of some of the most common scams that are circulated throughout society. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of scams that target the elderly is the fact that the scammers are often people who they trust and know, and sometimes family members.

Some of the most common scams that target seniors include health insurance/Medicare scams, prescription drug scams, funeral scams, investment scams, phone and telemarketing scams and many others. The types of scams that are used are constantly changing to elude authorities, while other types of scams are some of the most difficult to prevent as they are perpetrated by the most trusted people in the victimís life.

In this episode of Scammed, stories of elderly victims who have had their savings plundered by romantic interests, trusted allies, and their own children are detailed. We find out how their faith in others is destroyed as a result of their savings being stolen. Many of these victims have had their lives changed forever, and often the results of many years of their hard work.

Elder Fraud and ExploitationóDurham, San Diego, Sweetheart: Scammed
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-822-3
  • Run Time: 20 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2011
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