Romance Fraud—Kent: Scammed (Enhanced DVD)

Romance Fraud—Kent: Scammed (Enhanced DVD)
Just like any other fraud profession, romance is big business where affairs of the heard lead down a road of unsuspected destruction, lies, trials and ending with a broken heart.
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Product Description:
Romance Fraud—Kent: Scammed (Enhanced DVD) Being scammed is one thing, but scammed by someone you thought loved you is a whole other matter. Meet Jeff Kent on the video Scammed a compassionate man one easily falls for and women do. In the hear of couple relationship bliss Kent has his victim right where he wants her. She adores him and is willing to follow and do anything for the man she loves and trust. She does not see the danger, only the love. It is in the trust that he gains from her that allows him to put his fraud scam into action.

Crimes and scams of the heart destroy a person. Kent uses charm and emotional security to prey on female loneliness. Women want love and he is willing to give it for a price. Kent paints himself as the ultimate catch with good looks, wealth and charm. Once on the hook he convinces her to be a partner in his crime. She is unaware and unsuspecting that this is only temporary. Once he accomplishes the financial fraud mission he is off leaving her with a broken heart and holding the bag. All damage and debt incurred she must face the music made from this destructive path that reeks of the ultimate scam and her broken heart.

Enhanced DVD

ISBN: 978-1-61753-820-9

Run Time: 21 Minutes

Copyright Date: 2011

Customer Reviews

Although couples frequently have relationship problems, romance fraud is committed when one partner cheats the other of their savings through some type of scam, theft or forgery. Romance fraud is often emotionally devastating for the victim, due to close personal relationships that are involved. Romance scams often involve the scammer merely pretending to be romantically interested in the victim and gaining their affection and trust. After their trust is gained they turn it back on them by committing fraud.

In this episode of Scammed we learn about a person named Jeff Kent, a charismatic and smart charmer who preyed on lonely women by exploiting their kindness. He pretended to be someone who he wasnít and created a fictional account of his past to lure his victims in. After gaining his victimís trust he lured her into a business scam that left her with major debts, upset customers and a broken heart. In this program we find out about how Kent committed his romance fraud and also meet the victims who he betrayed. Some of the material in this program may be objectionable, so viewer discretion is advised. (21 minutes)

Romance FraudóKent: Scammed
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-820-9
  • Run Time: 21 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2011
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