Funeral/Cemetery Fraud: Scammed (Enhanced DVD)

Funeral/Cemetery Fraud: Scammed (Enhanced DVD)
Stop Look Listen This is all about the ultimate fraud. A fraud so horrifying and perpetrated upon already grieving families in Chicago. You owe it to yourself and your family to learn of these atrocities.
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Product Description:
Funeral/Cemetery Fraud: Scammed (Enhanced DVD) This is a twenty-one (21) minute sight and sound adventure that will make you glad your family hasn't had this happen...or have they?

This horrifying episode of scammed takes place in a funeral home outside of Chicago. This Chicago land funeral home was playing shell games with bodies. This funeral home in particular was recycling grave sites. The way that works is they would dispose of the original occupant and resale their grave site. Then bury the more recently diseased in the grave. The victim families of this fraud and the local sheriff Tom Dart take you into the world of ghastly fraud schemes. they take you down a road so disgusting to reveal the experiences and let you wittiness the entire ordeal first hand. You are allowed to wittiness the heinous exploitation of grieving families and the desecration of what should have been their loved ones final resting place.
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-809-4
  • Run Time: 272 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2011
  • CC

Customer Reviews

Itís not unheard for gravesites to be dug up with the remains being buried in a different location and the graves being reused. However, this practice is legally performed with the consult of the families involved and not to scam people out of money. As awful as it may sound, that is exactly what happened at a funeral home outside of Chicago that sold recycled graves. Unfortunately, itís also just one story of many different types of funeral scams that prey on people when they are at their most vulnerable.

In this episode of Scammed, the story of this funeral home is detailed and the scam the perpetrated on unknowing victims. They repeatedly sold the same few graves over and over to the victims, removing the remains and disposing of them in a pile of weeds, while buying new recently deceased people in their place. This inhuman scam took advantage of grieving families and desecrated the gravesites of their loved ones while treating their remains with utter disrespect. Some of the content in this program may be considered objectionable, so viewer discretion is advised. (21 minutes)
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