Affinity Fraud—Sparks and Lech: Scammed (Enhanced DVD)

Affinity Fraud—Sparks and Lech: Scammed (Enhanced DVD)
Full of stories of victims that have been affected by affinity fraud. A great documentary for anyone who is interested in this particular topic.
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Product Description:
Affinity Fraud—Sparks and Lech: Scammed (Enhanced DVD) is an episode of the Scammed series that explores affinity fraud. This is a type of fraud that is committed against individuals of a certain ethnic or social group by others who appear to share the same background. The people who perpetrate this type of fraud are generally members of the group on which they are preying, or they at least pretend to be members of that particular group.

The term "affinity fraud" refers to investment scams that are perpetrated upon members of identifiable groups, such as ethnic or religious communities, by these individuals who appear to have something in common with them.

This Scammed episode presents profiles of two criminals, Andrew Lech and David Spark. These two have committed affinity fraud against unsuspecting individuals who would never have thought that anyone from their own communities would have taken advantage of them in this way. The victims of these two criminals present their accounts of what happened, and how they were so easily fooled by these individuals due to the commonalities (beliefs or background) that they shared. They speak of how the fact that they shared these traits in common with the criminals created a situation where they actually trusted them more than they would have trusted any average person, which only led to their betrayal.

Though this is very informative, some people may find some of the content of this video to be somewhat objectionable, so viewer discretion is advised.

It is 21 minutes long, and it was made in 2011 (copyright date). The ISBN is 978-1-61753-813-1, and it is closed captioned.
Customer Reviews

Affinity frauds are investment scams that target particular groups of people, such as the elderly, ethnic or religious groups, and others who share the same background or give the impression that they do. Affinity frauds work so well because of the fact that the perpetrator seems to be genuinely trustworthy and honest, as a familiar member of the victims’ social group. The scammers will often recruit leaders within the group to help them promote the scheme, and the leaders are often unaware that it is a scam themselves, or they may also be in on it in some cases.

In this episode of Scammed, two criminals are profiled, Andrew Lech and David Spark. They prey on groups of trusting people who would never dream that they would be taken advantage of by members of their community. The program profiles the victims and gives an insight as to why affinity scams are so effective and how the victims were misled. The victims tell their stories about how they were misled by Spark and Lech, and how their common background made it easy for them to be scammed. Viewer discretion is advised. (21 minutes)

Affinity Fraud—Sparks and Lech: Scammed
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-813-1
  • Run Time: 21 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2011
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