Scammed (Enhanced DVD) - 13-part series

Scammed (Enhanced DVD) - 13-part series
Provides a detailed look into all sorts of scam crimes that take place, as well as their repercussions and what people can do to avoid being victims of these crimes.
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Product Description:
Scammed (Enhanced DVD) - 13-part series Scammed (Enhanced DVD) is a 13-part series. It goes into detail about the most common scam crimes that take place regularly, including crimes such as identity theft, romance fraud, lotto scams, and Ponzi schemes among others.

Each of the programs looks at a real life case study and goes into depth in regards to how that particular scam took place, what the victims had to go through as a result, and how the criminals were finally forced to experience justice for what they had done. The stories are full of emotion, and can arouse all sorts of different emotions in the people who view them as well, including fear and surprise. Every story is very informative in its own way as well. This series teaches the viewers how they can protect themselves from becoming victims to these sorts of fraudulent crimes even in modern society, where it seems to be easier than ever to be a scammer. There are a few specific scam crime topics that are covered in this series that are particularly applicable in today's world, such as credit card skimming, advance fee scams, investment fraud, counterfeit products and forgeries, identity theft that is meant to target the military, schemes that have the end goal as charity fraud, affinity scams, air bag fraud, auto trade-in scams, lotto scams, Ponzi schemes, scams pertaining to cemeteries and funerals, identity fraud as it pertains to individuals, romance fraud, and theft from elderly individuals.

Viewer discretion should be advised, due to the objectionable nature of some of the content.

The ISBN is 978-1-61753-809-4, the run time is 272 minutes, the copyright date is 2011, and it is closed captioned.
Customer Reviews

From Ponzi schemes and romance fraud, to lotto scams and identity theft, this 13-part series covers the most common types of scams that are currently in operation today. Real life cases are explored, and each program covers a different type of scam and demonstrates how they are executed. Other topics covered in these documentaries include the experiences of those affected by the scams and the way that the criminals were finally caught and brought to justice. Scammed teaches us how we can protect ourselves from these common scams in the modern world of crime.

The documentaries in this series are often surprising, captivating and enlightening. Some of the types of scams that are covered include investment fraud, advance fee scams, credit card scams, identity theft targeting military members, affinity scams, counterfeit products, forgery, charity scams, auto trade in scams, Ponzi schemes, automobile air bag fraud, cemetery fraud, elderly theft, romance fraud, and identity fraud. These are some of the most common scams that are prevalent and widespread in modern society. Some of the content in these films may be considered objectionable. Viewer discretion is advised. A 13-part series. (20-22 minutes per series)

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-809-4
  • Run Time: 272 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2011
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