AllerAir 5000 HEPA Micro Particulate Filter

Particulate filters are great for a wide variety of projects, work environments, and even homes. These micro-particulate filters are perfect for removing even the smallest pollutants that can cause issues with breathing, allergins, and even with ongoing projects like archival and technology related ventures. These filters can remove even the smallest particulates from the air.

Item Code: AA-5000-hepa-micro-particulate-filter

Sale-Price: $59.99

Product Description:

Some particulates can be next to impossible to remove from the air with even the most advanced filtering systems. The AllerAir 5000 HEPA micro-particulate filter can remove even the smallest particulates from the air making it better to breathe and better for those projects which require clean, ultra filtered air. These micro filters can remove particulates like air pollution, dust, allergins, and more to create clean, even sterile air that is great for just about any project. These micro filters can remove particulates that users were not even aware of making for cleaner air that fits any need and any environment. Microfilters are perfect for cleaning even the cleanest air to insure that the air being released is as clean and clear as possible no matter what.

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