AllerAir 5000 D-MCS Air Purifier

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Prevent airborne particles, dust, and toxic fumes from becoming hazardous in the art studio by using a high powered air purifying system. The AllerAir 5000 D-MCS Air Purifier combines a carbon filter and micro-HEPA filter for an air purification system that will remove harmful fumes and particles form the air.  

Item Code: AA-5000-D-MCS

Sale-Price: $999.98
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Product Description:

The AllerAir 5000 D-MCS Air Purifier will quietly and effortlessly remove airborne particles and toxic fumes over a 1500 Sq. ft. radius.

  • Potentially hazardous gases and odors created while working with oil-based paints, toluene-based paints, solvents, and other chemicals are filtered out with the 22 lbs. of a filter made out of MAC-B carbon.
  • A micro-filter that meets HEPA guidelines effectively eliminates 99.9% of all airborne particles, including sculpting dust, sand and stone dust, and dust that accumulates while working with pastel paints.
  • Larger particles will be trapped with the pre-filter made out of pesticide-free cotton muslin. Air is constantly cleaned as this 3-speed purifying system changes the air every 30 minutes.
  • Off-gassing is prevented while in use with a high-quality motor that eliminates the production of varnishing that can create toxic fumes
  • System is great for artists working in chemical sensitive areas or who have severe asthma or allergies.  

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