The Secret Life of Your Body Clock

The Secret Life of Your Body ClockDiscontinued The Secret Life of Your Body Clock (Enhanced DVD)

“You know, your clock is ticking.” We have heard that phrase frequently in our lives, especially when it comes to getting married or having a baby. The reality is, it is true. Your inside clicking clock is the subject of this this DVD and what it reveals is interesting, a bit disconcerting and valuable. It would appear we do in fact, have ticking clocks that help us not only through each day but through seasons. These clocks help tell our bodies when to digest food, when to be alert and when to relax. If you have ever tried to get a teenager up in the morning for school, this documentary can help explain your frustration. It also addresses why most babies are born in the morning, yet most Olympic world records are set in the afternoon. Why do most heart attacks occur between 8 and 10 in the morning? Our inside ticking clocks may have the answer. This film includes the expertise of veteran chronobiologists Dr. Till Roenneberg of the University of Munich and Dr. Russell Foster of Imperial College in London along with others who add their thoughts, research and data to this films content. This DVD is a product of a BBC and Science Channel Co-production and contains some mature themes along with brief nudity.

The Secret Life of Your Body Clock

Enhanced DVD

ISBN: 978-1-60825-903-8

Run Time: 49 minutes

Copyright Date: 2009


Those who have experienced fighting the natural clock in their body by cramming all night for exams, traveling long distances or working long hours will appreciate the findings in this eye-opening documentary.

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