Scam of the Century? Bernie Madoff and the $50 Billion Heist (Enhanced DVD)

Scam of the Century? Bernie Madoff and the $50 Billion Heist (Enhanced DVD)
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Product Description:
How was Bernard Madoff able create such an elaborate scam, fool so many people, and rob thousands blind for so many years without getting caught? In December of 2008, the Madoff investment scandal broke when Bernard Madoff, the former Chairman of NASDAQ, admitted that his business was built on an elaborate ponzi scheme. This chilling and intriguing CNBC Original program takes you through every intricate detail of Bernard Madoff’s operation while exploring not only his state-of-mind, but also his motives. The bizarre details that you will uncover with this program will help you to understand the “hows and whys.” Interviews feature important players who were affected by this scandal and expert guests. A few of the interviews are with Jacob Zamansky, an investor advocate; Michael Ocrant, a financial journalist who approached Madoff in 2001; Robert Lenzner, Forbes editor; and investor and publisher Mort Zuckerman. Furthermore, this intense and interesting program also offers profiles of Hakan Yalincak, student-turned-con artist and Charles Ponzi, fraud pioneer, to give you more insight into the criminal and interesting mind of Bernard Madoff. Not available in French-speaking Canada. (44 minutes)

Scam of the Century? Bernie Madoff and the $50 Billion Heist
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61616-466-9
  • Run Time: 44 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2009
  • CC
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