Bill Moyers Journal: Bruce Fein and Mark Danner on the Torture Memos / Steve Meacham of City Life/Vida Urbana (DVD)

Bill Moyers Journal: Bruce Fein and Mark Danner on the Torture Memos / Steve Meacham of City Life/Vida Urbana (DVD)
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Now that the Department of Justice has released the torture memos from the Bush-era, how will Americans react? What exactly will they feel when they hear this chilling interview? Enhanced interrogation now takes on a whole new meaning because Americans now know that these “harsh” techniques are more like continual waterboarding, days of sleep deprivation, and throwing a man into a wall repetitively. The release of these memos has sparked a huge debate over the large amount of evidence of human rights abuse that’s come to light. In this Journal episode, Bill Moyers sits down and talks with Bruce Fein, chairman of the American Freedom Agenda & former counsel to three different Republican presidents, and Mark Danner, veteran reporter. Bruce and Mark trade responses back and forth as they debate the torture memos, the presidents actions, and discuss something that Former Vice President Dick Cheney said previously to Sean Hannity about using these techniques to gather first-rate intelligence. Mark Danner then goes into saying that the critical aspect of this statement isn’t just that Dick Cheney is saying it, but that Americans believe it. Then, Moyers moves onto Steve Meacham, the Community Organizer of City Life/Vida Urbana, who is fighting on the frontline of the foreclosure and mortgage epidemic. Steve Meacham and his colleagues at City Life employ a legal defense strategy known as The “shield” to teach City Life members about their rights under the law, as well as providing volunteer legal assistance. Their public relations strategy known as, The “sword” is where City Life organizes eviction blockades in front of people’s homes and protests in front of banks in his Massachusetts community. City Life attempts to bring as much media attention as they can to these protests to bring as much public attention as they can to what they argue are unfair eviction practices and unfair banking in their community. Broadcast date: May 1, 2009. (57 minutes)
Length: 57 minutes
Item#: BVL40457
ISBN: 978-1-60825-833-8
Copyright date: ©2009
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