4000 Series HEPA Filter

When you need a strong air filter, the 4000 Series HEPA filter will filter out all of the particles in the air to do your art justice. Regardless of what is around the air, this will filter it out.

Item Code: AA-4000-Series-HEPA-Filter

Sale-Price: $79.98

Product Description:

The 4000 Series HEPA filter works in conjunction with the AllerAir purifier. You want to make sure that you are able to trap all of the different airborne particles so that you can sit back and enjoy yourself more easily – and stay healthy.

There are several components with the 4000 Series filter

-           Traps airborne particles

-           Kills bacteria, mold and viruses

-           Easily cleanable with a vacuum

If you’re going to spend the money on an air purifier, then you need a strong filter to make sure you are able to get everything out of the air that you need. Whether it’s bacteria, dust, or cigarette smoke that you want to filter out of your studio, the 4000 Series HEPA filter is going to provide you with just what you need for a price that you won’t be able to beat.

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