Vocarb Carbon Air Filter Replacements

Don't neglect the importance of clean air in your studio. Paint fumes, chalk and charcoal dust, pencil shavings, glue, there's simply so much floating around in the air of an art studio, and protecting both your air and your health and your work demands fresh filters on a regular basis.

Item Code: AA-4000-D-Vocarb-Carbon

Sale-Price: $199.98

Product Description:

These carbon filter replacements are designed for the Allerair 4000 Vocarb Air Purifier. Simple carbon replacement filters, they help to purify the air by absorbing and blocking pollutants as the air passes through. The filters eliminate most odors as well as filtering most allergens. Assuming regular replacement, these carbon filters can go a long way towards helping to keep your studio clean, fresh and allergen free whether you're trying to keep the paint and glue fumes to a minimum, or would simply rather work in a pollen free environment in the coming Spring and Summer seasons.

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