French Easels

French EaselsFrench Easels
Why choose a French easel?
If you paint in different locations you should consider using a French easel. This easel is a three in one tool. It serves as a sketch box, canvas and easel carrier. You can place your paint supplies and palette inside the sketch box and attach your canvas to the easel.
Any French Easel can be used for watercolor painting too. You just keep the cover in a closed position for horizontal painting.

"I Encourage all artists who wish to grow, to hook-up with a French easel and backpack, and take that fist step into an ever-evolving trip." Joan LaRue

Some can argue the best muse is the beauty of nature! Whether painting, sketching, sculpting or photographing the innate beauty of the landscape, step outdoors and enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer this Spring!

Perfect for capturing all the esses of the outdoors, French Easels are a great choice if you paint on location. A three in one tool – it's a sketch box, easel and canvas carrier all in an easy to carry format. The sketch box holds painting supplies and palette and you can attach the canvas to the easel to keep your painting safe until you get back home.

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