Wet Canvas Carrier

Wet Canvas Carrier

Item Code: JRM-694010

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Product Description:
Wet Canvas Carrier Painting outdoors or on location is a job, carrying the wet canvas without ruining it, however, shouldn't be. This unique item is the perfect solution!

The principle is simple. Attach the top unit with the handle to a wet canvas. Then place another canvas, wet or dry, facing the wet canvas. The unit keeps the two canvases ˝ inch apart. A second unit fastens at the bottom. When not using the unit, it can easily fit into the bottom of your sketch box.

The wet canvas carrier unit fits any size length and width canvas. (20x24, 24x30, etc.)

Item Specs:

  • Width is between 3-1/4 inch and 3-1/2 inch (depending on canvas widths. It will be a tight squeeze for 3" portfolios.)
  • length is 5-1/8 inch
  • height is 2-1/2 inch

    (Designed for the standard depth/thickness canvas. Not designed for Gallery Wrap Stretcher Bars.)
  • Customer Reviews

    Wet Canvas Carrier
    Transporting of wet canvas can be tricky, that is why artists' use specially designed transporting products to transport their wet canvases. The wet canvas is simply held 1/2" apart from a 2nd canvas facing and protecting it from smudging. It is carried by the items handle.