W&N Galeria Acrylics LEMON YELLOW (60ml - 2oz)

Lemon Yellow is a clear bright pigment that is a part of the Winsor and Newton Galeria product line of acrylic paints that are know for their brightness and coverage range.
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A clear bright yellow color, Lemon Yellow is a Hansa pigment that was discovered in Germany in the early 1900s.

The Winston & Newton brand of Galeria acrylics will give you very bright colors combined with  tremendous covering power due to  its high level of pigmentation.. The range of colors present various versions of transparents, They have opaque versions of a color. For example, Burnt Sienna  Opaque.

Acrylics don't have the same body when  compared to oil paints. Galeria acrylics have a great buttery consistency that creates fast and quick coverage. Artists can easily make the brush strokes they wish. Galeria acrylics offer tremendous color depth because of its satin finish. If you add the correct medium, a gloss-like finish can be reached.

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June 22, 2010

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