Winsor & Newton Acrylic FLOW IMPROVER

Winsor & Newton Acrylic FLOW IMPROVER
Improve your skills and the quality of your work when you add the Winsor & Newton Acrylic FLOW IMPROVER to your artist's box.
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Product Description:
Add a flow improver to enhance your technique, build your skills and extend the paint life. A flow improver is also known as a thinner. You may think of thinning paint with water, but using water also changes the color of your paint. You lose quality when water dilutes the paint. This flow improver, for use with acrylic mediums, solves that concern and maintains the paint color. Instead of the pigments sinking into water, they are suspended within the flow's medium to boost the fluidity of your paint, which keeps the true colors of your paints.

Of course, this may change your painting style and some of the skills you learned may have to be re-learned when you enjoy the addition of the flow improver to your artist's space. The brush control you currently have may need to change as you now create clean lines with simpler strokes. In addition, the amount of thinner to add to each paint needs to be determined. Plan to spend time experimenting with the flow improver as each color and brand of paint requires a different amount of the fluid to change the paint's fluidity.

Whether you are a new or experienced creator, the flow improver adds to your passion for the craft. It helps reduce stress by making your strokes and lines easier to paint. It comes in a 125 ml (US) bottle with a secure, twist-on top. It easily fits into your carry bag so you are never without this product. Create beautiful still scenes at home or perfectly capture nature's colors at the beach or on the mountains when you travel with the flow improver. You will depend on it after you master the brush skills and quantities needed when you add the flow improver to your paints. Carve your acrylics and extend their life when you mix them with this medium. A flow improver is a way to add transparency to your colors or bring depth to your pictures. It is the perfect companion when working on miniatures.

Enjoy mixing and using on non-absorbent surfaces, such as canvas, and watch the brilliant colors and sharp edges bring your paintings to life. The color quality will be what keeps you returning to use this product again. Especially when you are creating a series of paintings- you can rest assured that the quality will continue throughout your masterpieces.

Pick up a bottle today and experiment with your brush strokes until you re-master your painting skills. The small amount of time you give to this practice will give you years of quality artwork that you can display for yourself or for sale.
Customer Reviews

Because acrylic paints are a water-based medium, it's only natural to assume that to increase the flow of the paint, you would mix it with water. This assumption is not wrong. However, when you water-down your paints, you will experience a loss of color. To increase the flow of your paint without the loss of color, use a flow-improver medium rather than water alone.

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