Wassily Kandinsky: Invisible Shapes Video (DVD)

The Wassily Kandinsky: Invisible Shapes DVD provides insightful discussion and analysis of abstract art that is perfect for artists and art enthusiasts of any level.
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Whether for a begginer looking to broaden their artistic horizons by experiencing a new style or art or an artistic professional searching for a deeper meaning within the abstract, Wassily Kandisnky: Invisible Shapes is the perfect video. Wassily Kandinsky is known as the father of abstract art, so there is no better artist to analyze for a study of its finer points. Invisible Shapes provides insight into the symbolism hidden within the geometry of Kandisky's work, with a focus on his famous painting "Yellow-Red-Blue." The video's abstract art discussion also includes instruction on examining abstract art from the proper mindset and how to look for meaning in a seemingly meaningless collection of shapes and colors (33 minutes). Art History, Art and Photography 2002.

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  • ISBN: 978-0-7365-6680-3
  • Run Time: 33 minutes
  • Copyright Date: ©1994
  • Closed Captioned

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