W&N Artist’s Water Color14ml AUREOLIN #016

Winsor and Newton paints have been the first choice of many in the art world for almost two centuries. Their Aureolin Yellow watercolor is an intense, medium yellow.
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Product Description:

Aureolin Yellow, sometimes called Cobalt Yellow, never gained popularity in oil painting, but it is used extensively in watercolor work. Aureolin Yellow is a very pure yellow with good light fastness, and is highly valued for its transparency. It replaced an Asian gum pigment in the 19th century, and was known as the only color that could reliably be substituted for Indian Yellow. Aureolin Yellow remained popular, despite its price, until the introduction on Cadmium pigments. It is an excellent mixing color and has superior tinting qualities as a watercolor. Aureolin Yellow's transparency make it a perfect glaze, and its mixing qualities do not effect the colors it is combined with. Its transparency also makes lovely, soft edges, making it useful for portrait and floral painters.

Customer Reviews

This hue sprinkles sunshine into every painting, so order it as soon as possible!

This color brings a burst of summery radiance to every portrait! With a shade as soft and golden as a butterfly’s wing, it blends a cheery naiveté with a tender sensitivity. Its uniqueness deserves a second glance from any artist who is looking for something different.

This paint was discovered in Poland around 1848. Its versatility, beauty, and exceptional performance have been giving joy to the public for decades. It contains pigments that cause it to fade quickly in water color, invoking a soft, translucent glow that spreads across the canvas like the gentle breath of dawn.

It additionally allows every line and angle to stand out with breath-taking vibrancy. It's a must-have color for any project, offering an array of artistic benefits:
  • Accent Colors
  • Softness
  • Subtly
  • Tenderness
  • And Much More!

    Why wait any longer to try something new? Bring the brightness of the sun to every work of art by purchasing this color right away!
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