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 #34914 Troubled Kids
 #35096 War on Their Minds: Voices of American Kids
 #32877 The Global Arms Market: Mayhem for Sale(+$10)
 #4025 Violence By and Against Latinos(+$30)
 #5046 So Violent a Nation(+$30)
 #5484 Part 1: Juveniles Locked Up(+$30)
 #5485 Part 2: Domestic Violence, Street Violence(+$30)
 #5486 Part 3: Crisis in Our Inner Cities(+$30)
 #5487 Part 4: Solutions for Children(+$30)
 #5992 On Parenting(+$30)
 #5993 Making Our Neighborhoods Safe(+$30)
 #5994 Rebuilding Communities(+$30)
 #5995 Early Intervention(+$30)
 #5996 Understanding Violence(+$30)
 #5997 Decoding the Rap: Gangs and Rap Music(+$30)
 #6382 The Good of the Many: Gun Control and Individual Rights(+$30)
 #6734 Soul Survivors(+$30)
 #6735 Youth Struggling for Survival: Like Father, Like Son(+$30)
 #6737 The Sheenway Experience: Tough Love(+$30)
 #6738 Turn-a-Lot-Around: Rebuilding Our Communities(+$30)
 #6739 The Underground Railroad: Searching for Roots(+$30)
 #6740 Facing Racism(+$30)
 #10756 Guns: An American Way of Life and Death(+$30)
 #11874 The Gun Fight: The Power and Politics of the NRA(+$30)
 #12037 Rock 'n Roll Murder: When Lyrics Lead to Violence(+$30)
 #31016 It's Just a Game: Playing Grand Theft Auto III(+$30)
 #33434 Conflict Resolution(+$30)
 #37594 Bill Moyers Journal: July 6, 2007(+$30)
 #9373 Teen Violence(+$70)
 #9374 Street Crime(+$70)
 #9375 Hate Crime(+$70)
 #11401 Stemming Violence and Abuse(+$70)
 #32513 Murder 9 to 5: Violence in the Workplace(+$70)
 #32766 Legacies of War(+$70)
 #8930 Brother of Mine: Youth Violence and Society(+$90)
 #35831 Rage: A Social Analysis(+$90)
 #37445 Ties that Bind: Connecting Communities across Religious Boundaries(+$90)
 #34442 Work It Out! Workshop(+$100)
 #5483 What Can We Do About Violence?(+$299.85)
 #9372 Seeking Solutions with Hedrick Smith(+$329.9)
 #5998 Solutions to Violence(+$479.75)
 #6733 Making Peace(+$569.7)

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Product Description:
#34914 Violence & Society - Troubled Kids (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

What can be done about the escalating violence in the lives of today's teenagers? This video focuses on ways to identify and reduce aggressive tendencies in young children. (22 minutes)

#35096 Violence & Society - War on Their Minds: Voices of American Kids (Run time 26 min.) DVD $59.95

When is war justified? What is worth dying for? Does protesting work? Is world peace possible? In this politically balanced program, children and teens express themselves with passion, intelligence, and insight as they grapple with these questions. "I made this documentary to give children a voice as well as encourage adults to reflect on what we are teaching tomorrow's citizens," says director/producer Jennifer Glos. An excellent tool for exploring the sociological and psychological impact of 9/11, the war in Iraq, and other incidents of violence on today's children. Aired nationally on Showtime Networks. (26 minutes)

#32877 Violence & Society - The Global Arms Market: Mayhem for Sale (Run time 20 min.) DVD $69.95

Assault rifles, heavy machine guns, artillery, tanks, planes, missiles-with money and the right connections, practically any military weapon can be bought in the global arms market. Where do all those weapons come from? Who is selling them? And how should the U.S. go about defending itself from trigger-happy "customers" looking for American targets? These and other questions are on the table as this timely ABC News program considers the booming business of weapon trafficking. (20 minutes)

#4025 Violence & Society - Violence By and Against Latinos (Run time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

Drug and gang-related killings and other violence have become an everyday fact of life in many urban Latino neighborhoods. This program looks at drive-by shootings and the efforts to help young school-age victims of crime learn to understand their fear and insecurity in their often unpredictable surroundings; traces the effects of the Los Angeles riots on various immigrant groups and the African American community; and looks at the kind of violence that may be the hardest to combat-that which takes place against Latina women in the seclusion of their homes. (28 minutes)

#5046 Violence & Society - So Violent a Nation (Run time 60 min.) DVD $89.95

This program with Bill Moyers focuses on Dallas, TX, to examine how violence is affecting American life. Dallas has the highest crime rate of any American city with a population above 500,000. The program visits a hospital emergency room, citizens who patrol their neighborhoods, and follows a police officer who patrols one of the most dangerous beats in Dallas. Featured in the program are interviews with a youth caseworker, a victim's rights advocate, and the Dallas Police Chief. They discuss gun control, police-community relations, education, and other crime-related topics. (60 minutes)

#5484 Violence & Society - Part 1: Juveniles Locked Up (Run time 56 min.) DVD $89.95

In the Ventura School, California's showcase juvenile prison, inmates discuss how drugs and alcohol, lack of family support, and gang involvement have influenced their lives. The program also looks at Adult Time For Adult Crime, a program in Dade County, FL, which sends more kids to adult court than any other county in the U.S. Those who prosecute, defend, and judge young offenders explain how our society has come to the point where the age of the defendant is no longer a mitigating factor-and how 14-year-olds are being sentenced to life behind bars. But there are alternatives to that kind of traditional sentencing of young, violent offenders which are explored in a report from the Last Chance Ranch, a work-study lockup rooted in firm discipline, treatment, and rehabilitation. (56 minutes)

#5485 Violence & Society - Part 2: Domestic Violence, Street Violence (Run time 56 min.) DVD $89.95

Domestic violence is one of the least reported crimes in America. In Nashville, TN, we see how intense police investigation and follow-up of domestic abuse have led to the imprisonment of repeat offenders. Teens on Target shows the success of a program where a Los Angeles doctor (weary of treating young gunshot victims) and former teenage patients (half of whom have spinal injuries from gunshot wounds) speak to younger kids around their city about weapons and violence. This program illustrates what ordinary citizens, survivors, and parents can do about gun control. Violence in the media is movingly portrayed, and solutions to its impact on children are discussed. (56 minutes)

#5486 Violence & Society - Part 3: Crisis in Our Inner Cities (Run time 56 min.) DVD $89.95

This program examines the tragic story of nine-year-old James Darby, who sent a letter to President Clinton asking him to stop the violence in his city as part of a classroom project. Nine days after he sent the letter, Darby was shot walking home from a local park. Successful community efforts such as Cleveland Works and Beat the Streets show how local businesses, religious organizations, and individuals can help at-risk youths divide their time between attending school and community service, building self-esteem and the skills to help restructure their lives. (56 minutes)

#5487 Violence & Society - Part 4: Solutions for Children (Run time 56 min.) DVD $89.95

This program documents how domestic abuse within the family affects children, and looks at programs such as The Kid's Club at the University of Michigan where troubled children and families are getting help; Sobriety High , a special school in Edina, Minnesota, that works to reduce alcohol and drug abuse and lower the incidence of violent crimes; and Landmark High School in New York, a successful experimental effort that promotes small classes, strict enforcement of rules, and parental involvement. (56 minutes)

#5992 Violence & Society - On Parenting (Run time 27 min.) DVD $89.95

This program features Dr. Victor La Cerva, a public health official in charge of statewide programs in New Mexico. Dr. La Cerva specializes in treating victims of domestic violence, both women and children. In this program, he gives practical suggestions for better parenting and avoidance of violence in the home. (27 minutes)

#5993 Violence & Society - Making Our Neighborhoods Safe (Run time 27 min.) DVD $89.95

This program features Stephanie Mann and Dr. Deborah Prothrow-Stith. Stephanie Mann is a community activist who launched a "neighborhood watch" program in her hometown in California. As a result, crime was cut by more than 50%. She has since gone on to help others organize similar groups. Dr. Prothrow-Stith became interested in preventing violence while working as a resident at a hospital in Boston, where she began to see youth violence as a disease. She is the author of a violence prevention curriculum for adolescents which is used all over the country, helping young people deal with anger without resorting to violence. (27 minutes)

#5994 Violence & Society - Rebuilding Communities (Run time 27 min.) DVD $89.95

This program features Angela Blackwell, Vice President of the Rockefeller Foundation. Ms. Blackwell is the former head of the Urban Strategies Council in Oakland, CA, and head of the nationwide Black Community Crusade for Children, which focuses on rebuilding black communities. In this program, she explains how "one caring adult" can save a child from a life of crime and violence. (27 minutes)

#5995 Violence & Society - Early Intervention (Run time 27 min.) DVD $89.95

Prof. James Wilson of UCLA is one of the country's leading authorities on crime. In this program, he examines early intervention and incarceration as solutions to crime and violence. Personal accountability should be the aim of education and rehabilitation, Wilson maintains, and it is critical to link penalties with small offenses committed early so that children learn to connect their conduct to its consequences. (27 minutes)

#5996 Violence & Society - Understanding Violence (Run time 27 min.) DVD $89.95

This program features Dr. Carl Bell, one of the country's leading psychiatrists, who focuses on children who have witnessed violent acts, committed violence, or been the victims of violence. In this program, Dr. Bell argues that the cycle of violence in children's lives can be broken if we act early to deal with their trauma. Children capable of violence must be taught to empathize with the pain in someone else's life, allowing them to see the painful consequences of violence. (27 minutes)

#5997 Violence & Society - Decoding the Rap: Gangs and Rap Music (Run time 27 min.) DVD $89.95

This program examines the close correlation between gang activity and the music many youths are listening to today, "gangster rap." The program features Sgt. Ron Stallworth, who heads the unit dealing with gangs at the Utah Division of Investigation. Sgt. Stallworth has frequently testified about gangs and gang violence before Congress and police and civic groups. He is the author of Gangster Rap: Music, Culture and Politics. (27 minutes)

#6382 Violence & Society - The Good of the Many: Gun Control and Individual Rights (Run time 29 min.) DVD $89.95

Protection of individual freedoms has long been the hallmark of American democracy and is one of the foundations upon which the Constitution and Bill of Rights are based. But at what point does the good of the many outweigh the freedom of the individual? This program examines the specific issue of gun ownership as an example of the ongoing tension between individual rights and the orderly functioning of American society. Featured in the program are Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America; Congressman Bill Carter (R-TX); and Professor Akhil Amar of Yale University Law School. (29 minutes)

#6734 Violence & Society - Soul Survivors (Run time 26 min.) DVD $89.95

After Clementine Barfield's son was murdered, she founded the Save Our Sons And Daughters organization in Detroit to combat violence. Today, she counsels victims of violence and teaches children how to create a more peaceful world. Her organization sponsors rallies and peace walks, and holds classes to teach children how to resolve arguments by using nonviolent methods. Barfield's door-to-door crusade against violence in neglected neighborhoods is documented by her daughter, Linda, who is also trying to cope with her brother's death. (26 minutes)

#6735 Violence & Society - Youth Struggling for Survival: Like Father, Like Son (Run time 35 min.) DVD $89.95

Nationally acclaimed writer and poet Luis Rodriguez tells the story of his personal journey and transformation from an East Los Angeles gang member to teacher and mentor to Chicago's street kids. Rodriguez' mission to save his son, Ramiro-a member of a Chicago street gang-from prison is also documented, along with their struggle to heal their relationship scarred by Luis' past neglect of his son. (35 minutes)

#6737 Violence & Society - The Sheenway Experience: Tough Love (Run time 32 min.) DVD $89.95

Dolores Sheen runs the Sheenway School and Culture Center in the Watts section of Los Angeles, where poverty, racism, and lack of opportunity breed violence. In addition to academics, "Aunt Dolores," as she is called, teaches the children social survival skills, personal responsibility, and accountability. Sheen instills responsibility by asking students to reflect on the consequences of negative behavior. Students share their experiences at Sheenway, along with their personal aspirations for the future. (32 minutes)

#6738 Violence & Society - Turn-a-Lot-Around: Rebuilding Our Communities (Run time 27 min.) DVD $89.95

In Chicago, Jamie Kalven and Patsy Evans nurture a sense of community across racial and class lines. Patsy, a white woman, revisits the site where she was raped by a black man on the city's South Side. In an attempt to heal the emotional wounds of the assault, Kalven and Evans founded Turn-a-Lot-Around, an organization that employs men from the South Side to reclaim vacant lots and abandoned buildings. By bringing together white middle-class volunteers and black workers and residents, the organization creates the opportunity for healing conversations and relationships across race and class boundaries. (27 minutes)

#6739 Violence & Society - The Underground Railroad: Searching for Roots (Run time 33 min.) DVD $89.95

This program profiles the Underground Railroad, an Afrocentric Rites of Passage program for young black males in Columbus, Ohio. The organization's co-founder, Ha2Tim M.A.C.K-1-a former victim of violence-canvasses the streets and recruits young men to work with him to break the cycle of violence within the community. We see members of the Underground Railroad confronting the experiences of their slave ancestors in a rite called the Sankofa March. The rite encourages youths to cherish their own survival by paying homage to the contributions of their ancestors. Following Ha2Tim to the Million Man March held in 1995 in Washington, D.C., we see a growing commitment on the part of African-American men to take responsibility for their communities. (33 minutes)

#6740 Violence & Society - Facing Racism (Run time 57 min.) DVD $89.95

This emotionally charged program follows five participants of different ethnic and racial backgrounds through a three-day Unlearning Racism workshop. As the workshop begins, a European-American man offends his African-American workshop partner by making a joke during a one-on-one dialogue. The incident sparks anger among African-American participants, who openly confront the offender. White participants in the workshop express their frustration over their inability to understand the reactions of the people of color. The five main participants later meet to reflect on the honest sharing of feelings that took place during the workshop. This program represents both a strong statement on the complex issues surrounding racism and an honest depiction of the difficulties involved in resolving them. (57 minutes)

#10756 Violence & Society - Guns: An American Way of Life and Death (Run time 22 min.) DVD $89.95

The U.S. leads the world in firearm-related deaths, while next-door-neighbor Canada has significantly fewer. Why? In this program, filmed in the wake of the hate-motivated shootings at Los Angeles' North Valley Jewish Community Center, ABC News anchor Ted Koppel looks at America's love-hate relationship with guns, contrasting it with Canadian attitudes and policies. Seattle Chief of Police Norm Stamper and Vancouver Deputy Chief Constable Gary Greer share their points of view on the right of gun ownership, reasons for purchasing guns, types of guns considered legal, background checks, and other topics. (22 minutes)

#11874 Violence & Society - The Gun Fight: The Power and Politics of the NRA (Run time 43 min.) DVD $89.95

The National Rifle Association is arguably the most powerful-and least understood-grassroots organization in America. In this program, ABC News anchor Peter Jennings reports on where the NRA derives its power and how it wields influence through lobbying and financing campaigns. Mr. Jennings starts by interviewing NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre and then talks to friends of the association: members, gun makers, and elected officials. The report reveals that despite school shootings, lawsuits, and the Million Mom March on Washington, NRA membership is at an all-time high. It also looks at how lobbyists and staunch allies can quickly become enemies if they disagree even once with NRA policy. (43 minutes)

#12037 Violence & Society - Rock 'n Roll Murder: When Lyrics Lead to Violence (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

In 1996, diehard fans of the extreme thrash metal band Slayer murdered a 15-year-old girl because she fit a description of a person in the song "Altar of Sacrifice." Having seen the perpetrators imprisoned for 25-to-life, the victim's parents then lodged a civil suit against the musicians. In this program, ABC News correspondent Judy Muller explores the limits of free speech and art with Senator Joseph Lieberman, recording industry representative Hilary Rosen, and Bret Easton Ellis, author of the controversial American Psycho-three individuals with very strong opinions on First Amendment guarantees and the market-driven entertainment industry. (23 minutes)

#31016 Violence & Society - It's Just a Game: Playing Grand Theft Auto III (Run time 22 min.) DVD $89.95

In the nation's top-selling video game of 2002, the player, marauding as an escaped convict, hijacks cars, guns down pedestrians, and earns extra points for having sex with a prostitute and then killing her to get his money back. In this program, ABC News anchor Ted Koppel and correspondent Michele Norris examine the controversy surrounding Grand Theft Auto III. Joining Koppel for a discussion of the issues are Steve Crenshaw, a recent high school graduate and avid player of the game; Sergeant Gerald Neill, chairman of the DC Fraternal Order of Police; and James Garbarino, who teaches human development at Cornell University and has written extensively on children and violence. (22 minutes)

#33434 Violence & Society - Conflict Resolution (Run time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

Peaceful solutions to conflict are wonderful, in theory, but how do they work in the real world? Using actual case studies, this program examines conflict and conflict resolution on four different levels: global, community, workplace, and school. Applying a novel teaching approach, it features a pair of news desk anchors and four different reporters, each covering a specific conflict scenario. Topics include diplomacy, peaceful protest, and mediation. (28 minutes)

#37594 Violence & Society - Bill Moyers Journal: July 6, 2007 (Run time 58 min.) DVD $89.95

Eminent biologist E. O. Wilson has spent his life studying creatures great and small-from humans to insects-as well as the fragile and complex nature of the biosphere as a whole. Bill Moyers Journal profiles the two-time Pulitzer Prize recipient, his advocacy of environmental stewardship, and his latest project: the Encyclopedia of Life, an online digital catalog of every living species on the planet. Also on the program, an update on the Earth Conservation Corps-the nonprofit, youth-oriented environmental group which has reclaimed endangered neighborhoods in our nation's capital, even though some of its members have fallen victim to gun violence and other tragedies. Broadcast date: July 6, 2007. (58 minutes)

#9373 Violence & Society - Teen Violence (Run time 57 min.) DVD $129.95

In part one of this program, Hedrick Smith reports on how the Alliance of Concerned Men stopped a youth gang war in Benning Terrace, a public housing project in the nation's capital that had become a war zone. Alliance members Tyrone Parker and Rico Rush, former felons with new lives and a new mission, negotiate a truce with the rival gangs that ends the killing and brings hope and new mainstream jobs to former gang members and peace to other residents. In part two, viewers see how the Los Hermanos youth crime prevention program of the Oregon State Penitentiary keeps troubled teenagers in the Pacific Northwest from sliding into a life of crime. Inmates mentor young men in face-to-face sessions inside the prison walls over several months. Begun by Latinos but open to youth of all races, Los Hermanos has touched the lives of 150 teens in a remarkably successful effort to deter them from doing crimes-and doing time. Public dialogues draw out lessons for other communities. (58 minutes)

#9374 Violence & Society - Street Crime (Run time 57 min.) DVD $129.95

In part one of this program, Hedrick Smith explores how the Uptown area of Chicago has dramatically lowered the rate of violent crime despite the ethnic diversity that normally spells turf wars, trouble, conflict, and violence. The critical ingredient is what Harvard social scientist Felton Earls calls social cohesion: a close-knit neighborhood and a strong community spirit developed through one of the highest concentrations of active, mutually supportive civic groups in America. In part two, Mr. Smith profiles the Blue Hills area of Kansas City, Missouri, where ordinary residents organized themselves to drive out drug dealers from their neighborhood and rehabilitate abandoned properties. Working with local churches and law enforcement agencies, these grass-roots heroes showed exemplary courage, ingenuity, and commitment in taking back their own streets from troublemakers. Both success stories are examples for other cities. (57 minutes)

#9375 Violence & Society - Hate Crime (Run time 57 min.) DVD $129.95

Part one of this program shows how the New South has found some answers to an old problem: racial violence-in this case church burnings in the rural flatlands of South Carolina. Law enforcement officials arrest and jail members of the Ku Klux Klan for the church burnings, and one black church files a lawsuit against the KKK and manages to win a remarkable $38-million judgment against the Klan from a racially mixed jury. Standing up to hate and not remaining silent is vital, says Pastor Jonathan Mouzon. "If we keep our mouths shut, it just gives [racists] more power," he says. In part two, Hedrick Smith spotlights a pioneering high school class on tolerance that has changed the social climate at San Clemente High School, where tensions among whites, Latinos, blacks, and Asian-Americans led to brutal violence and killing in the 1990s. Deeply disturbed by this violence among teenagers, teacher Joe Moros devised a curriculum that confronts the causes and effects of intolerance-and 200 students later, his success is visible in the school's notably reduced racial tensions. (58 minutes)

#11401 Violence & Society - Stemming Violence and Abuse (Run time 29 min.) DVD $129.95

The key to reducing violence is understanding its roots. This program offers insights and suggestions that can stop dangerous incidents before they start. Among the topics explored are ways to avoid becoming a victim of campus crime, domestic abuse and the cycle of violence theory as defined by psychologist Lenore Walker, date rape and guidelines for preventing it, the triggers for bias crimes, the factors that influence youth to join gangs, and how to handle sexual harassment in the workplace or at school. (29 minutes)

#32513 Violence & Society - Murder 9 to 5: Violence in the Workplace (Run time 49 min.) DVD $129.95

Each year almost one million violent crimes are committed in the workplace. Some of them are fatal; many could be prevented. In investigative profiles of several infamous incidents, this program combines chilling footage with interviews of assailants and victims to explore the minds and motives of men and women who commit violence against their fellow workers. Forensic psychiatrist and FBI consultant Dr. Park Dietz interviews Richard Farley, currently on death row for killing seven coworkers, and Wanda Rogers, who is serving a life sentence for attempted murder. At the end of the program, Dr. Dietz provides guidelines for the early detection and prevention of workplace violence. Contains offensive language. Viewer discretion is advised. An HBO Production. (49 minutes)

#32766 Violence & Society - Legacies of War (Run time 32 min.) DVD $129.95

From munitions stockpiles to psychological trauma, the effects of war linger long after conflict formally ends. This award-winning documentary examines several postwar situations around the world, highlighting ongoing efforts to repair physical, social, and personal damage. Powerful footage captures the dangers of unexploded bombs in Germany and land mines in Mozambique; the reconstruction of Guatemalan society after 36 years of civil war; the plight of refugees in Kosovo; and the difficult task many African villages face of accepting children back into the community who have fought as soldiers. Several experts also comment, including Mary Robinson, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. A United Nations Production. (32 minutes)

#8930 Violence & Society - Brother of Mine: Youth Violence and Society (Run time 50 min.) DVD $149.95

By the time most children reach the age of 18, they have seen 28,000 murders on TV. This compelling documentary takes a penetrating look at why children are becoming more violent at home, at school, and on the streets. Interviews with educators, police personnel, psychologists, and the youths themselves-both perpetrators and victims-reveal that violence, accepted as an everyday occurrence, has become a reflection of culture, not a contradiction of it. Proactive school-based programs such as group feedback sessions, student mentoring, and parenting classes demonstrate peaceful conflict resolution. (50 minutes)

#35831 Violence & Society - Rage: A Social Analysis (Run time 48 min.) DVD $149.95

Obscenities, screaming matches, fistfights, shootings-these have become almost standard forms of public expression. Why? Can society's violent downward spiral be reversed? This program explores the emotional causes and social dangers of short fuses, linking the pressures of a hard-driving, high-tech world to the prevalence of an easily threatened, easily angered point of view. Breaking its analysis into three parts, the program examines road rage, workplace aggression, and violence among sports spectators, with observations from police officers, anger management counselors, athletes, and recovering "ragers." Nonviolent ways to assert needs and grievances are highlighted. (48 minutes)

#37445 Violence & Society - Ties that Bind: Connecting Communities across Religious Boundaries (Run time 60 min.) DVD $149.95

Fundamentalism may be on the rise, but the American interfaith movement is also alive and well. This Emmy-nominated documentary follows seven women-all leaders in Chicago's Christian, Jewish, or Muslim communities-who have gathered to share views, express fears and concerns about the post-9/11 world, and build bridges of peace between their faiths. Participants include the Rev. Willie T. Barrow, chair emeritus of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition; Rabbi Andrea London of Beth Emet synagogue; and Karen Danielson, Public Education and Outreach Director for the Muslim American Society, Chicago chapter. Commentary is also provided by National Book Award-winning religion scholar Martin Marty and Interfaith Youth Core founder and executive director Eboo Patel. The DVD version includes a discussion guide and bonus disc featuring additional conversations and excerpts from a town hall meeting. (59 minutes)

#34442 Violence & Society - Work It Out! Workshop (Run time min.) DVD $159.95

Turn disagreements into growth opportunities with this multimedia conflict management workshop. The Work It Out! video and teacher's guide, six laminated posters, and workbooks-ten student editions and one teacher edition-are highly effective tools for teaching students that conflicts can be resolved effectively and nonviolently. A Cambridge Educational Product.Correlates to National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Project 2061.One multimedia set. (c) 2005.Work It Out! VideoLast year's Spring Fling at Jefferson High School was a total disaster-and this year's student committee doesn't want it to happen again! But can the group put aside the past and work together constructively to create a successful dance? This video uses scenario analysis to model four key conflict resolution strategies: taking the person out of the problem; focusing on issues, not egos; being objective; and creating win-win solutions. Show your students that differences are a part of who we are-and that while we may not get along with each other all the time, we do have to find positive ways to work out our disagreements. A viewable/printable teacher's guide is available at 22-minute video and viewable/printable teacher's guide. (c) 2005.Work It Out! PostersStudents can't agree? Then tell them to work it out-with the help of this six-piece poster set. It neatly summarizes the conflict resolution process and gives ample tips on how to implement it, step by step. Titles include "Conflict Can Be Creative," "Take the Person Out of the Problem," "Ask a Simple Question: 'Why?'," "Create Win/Win Solutions," "Play Fair (Even If You Don't Feel Like It)," and "Learn How to Listen."Six 17" x 22" posters. (c) 2005.Work It Out! WorkbooksThe ten student editions of the Work It Out! workbook contain information, self-exploration questions, and group activities that reinforce the four key conflict resolution strategies modeled in the Work It Out! video. The teacher edition will help you integrate those questions and activities into the presentation and discussion of the video. Additional ten-packs of the student workbooks are available.Ten student-edition workbooks and one teacher-edition workbook. (c) 2005.

#5483 Violence & Society - What Can We Do About Violence? (Run time min.) DVD $359.8

A Bill Moyers SpecialThis four-part series focuses on solutions to the growing problem of violence in America. From a special "kid's club" that helps children cope with domestic violence, to unusual, but highly effective, alternative sentencing programs for youthful offenders, to high schools that are taking revolutionary steps to foster cooperation among students, the efforts profiled in this series attest to a growing national movement in which people from all walks of life are working to put an end to violence, especially among young people. The series features documentary reports filmed across the country and speaks to experts who have studied the problem and have worked directly to implement programs that have a real, lasting impact. Numerous efforts to combat violence are profiled, including adult mentoring, conflict resolution, parent training, peer education, alternative sentencing, violence prevention counseling, school-based programs, community-policing and activism, substance abuse rehabilitation, and firearm safety. 4-part series, 56 minutes each.

#9372 Violence & Society - Seeking Solutions with Hedrick Smith (Run time min.) DVD $389.85

Kids killing kids in our schools. Synagogues and churches burned to the ground. Drug dealing and random street violence. Is there anything ordinary people across America can do in their home towns to stop crime, heal the wounds of hatred, and prevent future violence? This dynamic three-part series-produced and reported by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hedrick Smith-shows how grass-roots heroes in cities, small towns, and suburbs are coming up with answers to crime and winning the fight against teen violence and hate crimes. Public dialogues enrich the impact of the success stories. 3-part series, 58 minutes each.

#5998 Violence & Society - Solutions to Violence (Run time min.) DVD $539.7

This series features leading authorities on youth violence from across the country. The emphasis of these programs is on practical things that can be done to make a difference. 6-part series, 27 minutes each.

#6733 Violence & Society - Making Peace (Run time min.) DVD $629.65

Inspiring stories of average people and their efforts to heal the causes of societal violenceWhile many people arm themselves against potential violence, or demand increased police protection, some people face it head-on, as teachers, mediators, or simply as concerned citizens. This seven-part series-as current as today's headlines-highlights the work of several community activists and the grass-roots organizations they founded to combat the conditions that promote violence. It is also the story of people bravely facing their own racial bias. Receive a free guide for each program when you purchase the complete series. 7-part series.

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