Alvin® Alva-Line 1000% Rag Vellum Tracing Paper 100-Sheet Pack 22 x 34

Alvin® Alva-Line 1000% Rag Vellum Tracing Paper 100-Sheet Pack 22 x 34
Experience the professional quality of this Alvin Vel tracing paper while creating your artistic masterpiece.
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Product Description:
Alvin® Alva-Line 1000% Rag Vellum Tracing Paper 100-Sheet Pack 22 x 34. Your art is your passion and you need art paper you can rely on for clean, versatile performance, while maintaining a rugged resistance to undesirable marks and creases. This Alvin Vel tracing paper resists 'white spots', smudges and smears that can occur after erasing due to the synthetic resins contained within the paper. You don't have to worry about the appearance of 'ghosts' in your artwork, undesired lines that might be seen in the original or reproductions. When it comes to testing the transparency, folding, tearing or discoloration of this tracing paper, Alvin Vel surpasses average tracing papers and remains transparent regardless of how often they are sent through machines. The durability of this paper ensures its' resistance to folding or tearing, allowing you to handle the sheets without fear of damaging your designs. No matter what your tool of choice, whether it be pencil, ink, crayons or water color, the versatility of this tracing paper is perfect for any style of artwork. Utilizing the stringent quality control of Alvin Vel, each sheet of paper is precisely uniform in transparency and working surface, giving you peace of mind when it comes to the quality your art is created on. No matter how much tracing paper you require, the convenient packaging includes five-yard, 20-yard and 50-yard rolls that are packaged in special polyethylene bags to protect them from damage, and they are also available in 10-sheet or 100-sheet packs as well as 50-sheet pads that feature individual wrappings.

Alvin Vel Trac 22X34 100Pkg
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