Alvin® Alva-Line Tracing Paper with Title Block and Border 100-Sheet Pack 22 x 34

Alvin® Alva-Line Tracing Paper with Title Block and Border 100-Sheet Pack 22 x 34
Alva-Line tracing paper allows you to create precise tracings without sacrificing durability or quality. Get the translucence you want, along with the strength to handle any drawing tool available to you.
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Product Description:
Alva-Line tracing paper is created with synthetic resins which means that you can erase your mistakes without fear of smudging, smearing, or white spots. The resins also decrease unwanted fold and crease lines and help prevent abrasion marks. Alva-Line is also surprisingly strong and surpasses all other papers in its class for its resistance to tearing and folding. With pre-aged and normally aged options, these tracing papers perform well under rigorous testing with pencil, watercolor, charcoal, ink, and crayons. They are also highly resistant to discoloration and can be run through machines multiple times without visible wear, which makes them ideal for prints.

But despite its great strength, Alva-Line tracing paper is still translucent enough for any tracing project. These tracing papers are created with a very fine tooth so that your graphite stays exactly where you want it on the page. Alva-Line papers are all highly quality controlled. They come in sets that are as uniform in transparency and construction as possible, for an even and re-creatable tracing experience. The tracing papers are available in five-, twenty-, and fifty-yard rolls that come wrapped in protective plastic bags. You can also order Alva-Line papers in ten or 100-count sheets, sealed in polyethylene. Fifty-sheet pads that come individually shrink-wrapped are also available. All Alva-Line tracing papers come in a variety of translucencies, but Bright White (6855) allows for the greatest line contrast. Amaze your audience with the precision and eye-catching boldness of your designs against the finely manufactured Alva-Line tracing papers.

Alvin Vel Ppr W/T-Blk 22X34 100Pkg
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