Adjustable Angle PEB Board 16x21

Adjustable Angle PEB Board 16x21
The Adjustable Angle PEB Board 16x21 can transform into ordinary to a professional table, ideal for home or office. 
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This alterable angle board overall measures at 16 inches long by 21 inches wide. Martin Worldwide Model provides an innovative brand for the artistic mind. The board delivers superior features and value while being the leading component in its division. This board is an exclusive aligned ruler board that uses a non bending aluminum body ruler for resistance and durability. It includes deep strengthened pieces of material so that it could be flexible over the stand border effortless for the artwork to be on the individual leg area. Every angle of the device consists of big knobs for modifying the ruler to line up with the picture and to remain aligned. The board is made of a wood grain top with a black ruler. It also comes designed with a 6-position (including flat) adjustable stand.

Parallel Straightedge

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Adjustable Angle PEB Board 16x21
New York
March 25, 2020

Great product,I've recommended this to other artists.
But the photo on the page is the wrong one. The correct one should have the 6-position adjustable stand.
Chatsworth, CA
August 08, 2012

Exactly what I needed. I use it as a tilt for a digital pen tablet. I set it on my desktop and I can now tilt my pen tablet to draw. Very fair price with other desktop easals out there

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