Tuckers Pottery Wheels and Kilns

Tucker's Pottery Wheels and Kilns are used by professional artists, in the classroom, in pottery shops and by hobbyists who enjoy the ancient arts of pottery and ceramics. Because Tucker's has produced quality products for decades, you can trust your art projects to Tucker's. Tucker's Pottery Wheels and Kilns come in a variety of sizes. Tucker's Kilns are made with double walls, which ensure extra insulation, giving the artist more control over the heat and saving on energy costs.

Tucker's is a trusted brand name in the pottery world. Whether you are an amateur beginning to experiment with pottery or a busy artist with a high rate of production, Tucker's Pottery Wheels and Kilns will put you on the right track.

Pottery is one of the oldest art forms. Archaeologists believe that kilns dug into the ground were used to create clay figurines and pottery as early as thousands of years ago. Continue the pottery tradition with Tucker's Pottery Wheels and Kilns.

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