Do You Snore? Do You Wake Up In the Morning Not Feeling Properly Rested? Do you Suffer From Sleep Apnea? New studies show this is actually a very dangerous condition.

According To Recent Statistical Results from The National Sleep Foundation, 24.7 million Americans have some degree of Sleep Apnea. That's about 1 in 10 Americans.

Incredible as it may sound, people with this condition do not sleep at night more than a few seconds at a time. Sleep Apnea basically is a condition where one stops breathing during sleep, and every few seconds the body's automatic preservation mode wakes him up to breathe. The person takes a gulp of air, and then immediately goes back to sleep, again stopping to breath while sleeping for another few seconds, and again wakes up for another gasp of air. The cycle is repeated throughout the night, every night. This phenomenon is common in heavy snorers. Listening closely to the snorer’s pattern, one can clearly detect this going on. Sufferers of this condition, obviously, do not get one night’s restful sleep.

This condition has been linked to a shortage of oxygen in the body, ease of irritability, eventual heart problems and worse.

Sleep Apnea is directly associated to snoring. Most people are not born with a snore. They simply acquire it over a period of time. As we grow older, some people develop the habit of sleeping with their mouths open. This allows the jaw to relax and drop excessively during sleep. As a result, the skin, tissue, and muscles in the throat and mouth area are stretched beyond normal ranges for an extended time (several hours each night). It might surprise you to know that 24% of adult men and 9% of adult women are estimated to suffer to some degree from a serious sleep apnea condition. It's important that you take deliberate corrective action for this.

The SLEEP ANGEL Can Provide Simple Relief. Sleep Angel is a lightweight device that supports your jaw comfortably while you sleep, so it helps keep your mouth closed while you’re sleeping. Sleep Angel actually helps you “retrain” the skin and tissue in your mouth and throat, so that they return to the size and shape they once were. The result is that, with continued use, Sleep Angel can help you help you stop snoring and get a better night’s sleep. Sleep Angel is comfortable to wear.

The Sleep Angel Can Actually Help You Fall Asleep. It supports the face and jaw for you, so you feel a special relaxation of not having to support your jaw.

Doctor Recommended. Strongly endorsed by Morley Safer, News Correspondent for CBS News-& 60 Minutes.

We use this and are amazed. Try This Remarkable Item if you suspect you have or are developing any of these symptoms. You can't afford not to.

Get out of bed easily in the morning, feeling truly well rested

- It Can Truly Change the Quality of Your Life.

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