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Stop drawing crooked lines and enhance your crafting experience. 
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 #60008 18-inch: $59.99
 #60000 24-inch: $69.99:
 #60001 30-inch: $79.99
 #60002 36-inch: $99.99
 #60003 42-inch: $99.99
 #60004 48-inch: $119.99
 #60005 54-inch: $129.99
 #60006 60-inch: $139.99
 #60007 72-inch: $149.99
 #60009 Metric: 45cm: $49.99
 #60010 Metric: 60cm: $57.99
 #60011 Metric: 75cm: $69.99
 #60012 Metric: 90cm: $79.99
 #60013 Metric: 105cm: $89.99
 #60014 Metric: 120cm: $99.99
 #60015 Metric: 135cm: $109.99
 #60016 Metric: 150cm: $119.99
 #60017 Metric: 180cm: $139.99

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Product Description:

Say goodbye to crooked shelves with the laser-trued Foster Keencut Steel Tip Straight Edge gadget. Made of steel and aluminum, the Foster Keencut tool allows you to measure and mark accurately.

We’ve all had those moments when we look at our newly installed shelves and notice that they are crooked. Though our measurements were perfect, our inability to draw a straight line prevented us from getting that refined finish that professional craftsmen get every time they complete a job. Perhaps our installments would be perfect if we had the same tools as professional craftsmen. Enter the Steel Tip Straight Edge bar.

The appliance is small enough to fit in your hand yet large enough to draw a noticeable line. You will never again have to worry about precision because the Straight Edge ensures accuracy every time. Some rulers cannot even guarantee accuracy 70% of the time due to their tendency to move at the slightest adjustment that the user makes. Even the heaviest ruler does not carry enough weight to serve as a good marker. The Straight Edge, however, is heavy and large enough to stay in one place while you score.

In addition to being great for scoring, the bar is also a good tool to have around when you want to cut fabric. Table cloths are the worst household items to cut. Although a pair of scissors made for children can easily cut through fabric, it is difficult to achieve a straight line with cloth. The Straight Edge device, however, eliminates the crooked line by serving as both a weight and measuring stick. You can essentially cut that table cloth perfectly by simply placing the steel bar on top of the fabric that is laying on a sturdy surface. Don’t even worry about your cloth getting torn or stained since the Straight Edge bar has grip strips that protect fragile items.

One of the best things about the edge bar is its durability. Whether in sunshine or the pouring rain, the gadget will not fall apart during use. In fact, the bar was created to withstand water with its aluminum frame that resists rust. The Straight Edge also comes in seventeen different sizes to ensure that your markings are precise. What ruler can boast of such flexibility?

There are many ways to score and cut during crafting sessions. There is, however, only one way to design and install like a professional. The Steel Tip Straight Edge bar is the only gadget that gives you the accuracy and proficiency needed to accomplish great things.

Model #; Size

  • 60008 18-inch
  • 60000 24-inch
  • 60001 30-inch
  • 60002 36-inch
  • 60003 42-inch
  • 60004 48-inch
  • 60005 54-inch
  • 60006 60-inch
  • 60007 72-inch
  • 60009 Metric: 45cm
  • 60010 Metric: 60cm
  • 60011 Metric: 75cm
  • 60012 Metric: 90cm
  • 60013 Metric: 105cm
  • 60014 Metric: 120cm
  • 60015 Metric: 135cm
  • 60016 Metric: 150cm
  • 60017 Metric: 180cm

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