SPEEDBALL Acrylic (2.5 fl. oz.) CAD YELLOW LT. HUE

Create beautiful art with your Speedball Acrylic Cad Yellow Lt. Hue.
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The Speedball Acrylic  Cad Yellow Lt. Hue is one of the hardest colors to find, as many others of the Speedball Acrylic line, but a well needed color in an artist's arsenal of paint colors. With  Speedball Acrylic paints, you can expect quality, non-toxic, cadmium and cobalt free paint, that results in an impressive finish.  
This Speedball Acrylic color, is a water soluble acrylic based paint, that dries fast on contact, perfect for those artists who are quick painters. It represents high pigmentation levels, that produces strong and opaque colors that -unlike many other acrylic paints - offers a smooth and effortless application on canvas. 
The Speedball line mixes extremely well with one another. It includes a high light fastness, meaning, over time, the colors do not fade from exposures to light, and it keeps its high quality presentation.  
Cad Yellow Lt. Hue by Speedball, is a valued product, that provides high quality paint displays. It is an artist's favorite shade of yellow.
Influence the world and create beautiful art work with your Speedball Acrylic Hookers CAD Yellow Lt. Hue.

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March 13, 2014

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