Speedball Acrylics are very high quality and are cadmium and cobalt free, and therefore very safe and suitable for working with children. Speedball Acrylics Dioxazine Violet is a deep violet color.
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Speedball acrylics are extremely high quality, safe and multipurpose paints. Their Dioxazine Purple no exception. Speedball Acrylics are used for everything from painting, craft projects, scrapbooking and faux finishing. Purple has traditionally been associated with royalty and throughout history many artists have preferred to mix their own violet hues, however it's recently been discovered that these mixed colors may not have the light fastness of a true violet paint. Dioxazine is a cold purple, with an extremely high tinting strength and the highest transparency of all the pigments. It is often used by artists in place of black. Dioxazine purple is a luxuriously rich purple that is very hard to mix and is often used sparingly due to its intensity.

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