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 #10960 Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
 #10965 Understanding Learning Disabilities
 #26161 Recognizing Children with Special Needs
 #34916 Challenged Kids
 #29248 Safe Haven: A School for Troubled Teens(+$10)
 #36174 Balancing Learning Standards with Diverse Learning Needs(+$10)
 #1411 Learning Disabilities(+$30)
 #5405 Coping with Learning Disabilities(+$30)
 #30795 Dyslexia: An Unwrapped Gift(+$30)
 #31051 Dillon Is Different: Fragile X Syndrome(+$30)
 #31146 Educating Peter(+$30)
 #33301 Uncommon Genius: Savant Syndrome(+$30)
 #6067 Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder: Taming the Turmoil(+$40)
 #35996 Integrating ESL Students into the Classroom(+$40)
 #25766 Learning Disorders(+$59.95)
 #5794 Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder in Children(+$70)
 #6160 Ritalin: Drug Treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder(+$70)
 #6984 Dyslexia: A Different Kind of Mind(+$70)
 #2348 Dyslexia: Diagnosis and Prognosis(+$90)
 #3275 In a Class of His Own(+$90)
 #3277 A Chess Prodigy(+$90)
 #3331 Learning Without School(+$90)
 #5144 Dyslexia: Diagnosis and Treatment(+$90)
 #5299 Special Needs Students in Regular Classrooms? Sean's Story(+$110)
 #5310 Dyslexia: Diagnosis and Therapy(+$90)
 #5334 The Diagnosis and Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder in Children(+$90)
 #8950 Dyslexia in the Primary Classroom(+$90)
 #29956 Living with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder(+$90)
 #30086 Teaching Lessons and Learning Lessons in the Special Ed Classroom(+$90)
 #30492 At the Gates of Autism: Emerging into Life(+$90)
 #31147 Graduating Peter(+$90)
 #36423 Memory Masters: How Savants Store Information(+$90)
 #36424 The Einstein Effect: Savants and Creativity(+$90)
 #38731 Inside Dyslexia(+$90)
 #10651 Alternative Education: Choices Beyond the Public School System(+$119.95)
 #35409 Finding the Words: Case Studies in Autism Treatment(+$119.95)
 #31145 Down Syndrome in the Inclusive Classroom(+$179.95)
 #36422 Beautiful Minds: The Psychology of the Savant(+$389.9)
 #3273 An Exceptional Child(+$890)

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Product Description:
#10960 Trends & Issues - Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Run time 20 min.) DVD $59.95

Found in both children and adults, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is looked upon by some as having a physiological cause while others see it as a psychological disorder. This program offers diverse and candid opinions from both sides of the debate. Is medication the best treatment, or is behavior modification combined with increased structure and discipline the preferable course? A classroom teacher, a social worker, a behavior specialist, a pediatrician, and a parent with twins who have ADHD offer their insights. A Meridian Production. (20 minutes)

#10965 Trends & Issues - Understanding Learning Disabilities (Run time 17 min.) DVD $59.95

How could a child be a top math student yet not be able to read? Why can another child read well but not be able to write a paragraph that makes sense? While watching children being taught new ways to learn, this program offers expert insight into the nature of learning disabilities, why learning disabilities may also be accompanied by ADHD or social disorders, and what can be done to help children learn to compensate and succeed. A Meridian Production. (16 minutes)

#26161 Trends & Issues - Recognizing Children with Special Needs (Run time 18 min.) DVD $59.95

It's often difficult to determine a solution, unless you know all of the symptoms. This is especially true for parents who see their children less than does their child-care provider. In these cases, it is essential that you, as the child's primary caregiver, not only recognize their special needs, but additionally respond to them. This video describes a wide range of special needs symptoms from minor balance and movement problems to major or grand-mal seizures. (18 min.) A Meridian Production.

#34916 Trends & Issues - Challenged Kids (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

Assistance is rapidly developing for parents of children with special needs. This video examines the role of science and technology in helping challenged kids enter the mainstream learning community. (22 minutes)

#29248 Trends & Issues - Safe Haven: A School for Troubled Teens (Run time 22 min.) DVD $69.95

Not every child can handle the social interaction and discipline of a regular classroom, especially an emotionally troubled child. In this program, ABC News correspondent Chris Bury reports on Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Adolescent Day School, a special school that mixes academics with therapy. There are no desks but students discuss literary classics, tackle math problems, and, for one hour a day, participate in group therapy. With one teacher for every five students, plus social workers, tuition is a challenge for the school district, but parents and students alike feel the rewards are worth it. (22 minutes)

#36174 Trends & Issues - Balancing Learning Standards with Diverse Learning Needs (Run time 18 min.) DVD $69.95

If diversity and special needs are prominent factors in a learning environment, teachers may have to juggle mandated standards with students' personal challenges. This video addresses that balancing act, demonstrating how experienced educators have mastered it. Focusing on multilevel instructional planning, the program explores the use of educational channels, individualized support, and interpersonal engagement-showing how to deliver lessons and assess student progress based on communication style, learning preference, and other variables. An extensive bonus interview with Dr. Diane Ashby, Dean of Illinois State University's College of Education, is included. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. (18 minutes)

#1411 Trends & Issues - Learning Disabilities (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

This program describes the nature of learning disabilities and their warning signs, exploring this frequently misdiagnosed and misunderstood problem and explaining the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. A nine-year-old boy is profiled, as his parents and teachers detail the problems he faces in school and at home. (19 minutes)

#5405 Trends & Issues - Coping with Learning Disabilities (Run time 25 min.) DVD $89.95

In this inspiring program from England, a small group of young adults with disabilities show what they have achieved through the activism of a social movement and the support of their peers. Each of the participants has difficulty learning or communicating, and each is determined to live a productive and independent life. We see how they challenge societal attitudes that focus on their difficulties rather than their potential, how the support group helps members navigate the challenges of daily life, and how these young people are taking charge of their lives. (25 minutes)

#30795 Trends & Issues - Dyslexia: An Unwrapped Gift (Run time 22 min.) DVD $89.95

One in 25 people are dyslexic, but the teenagers involved in making this program would say that 24 out of 25 people miss out on dyslexia. This program approaches dyslexia from a new angle, exploring how the so-called disability might prove an advantage in an increasingly image-based world. Educational experts from America and England discuss aptitudes of dyslexics, while video diaries show how dyslexia has affected the lives of young people and how they have harnessed its cognitive differences. Featuring interviews with Tom West, author of In the Mind's Eye, this program will boost self-confidence in dyslexics and inspire their teachers and families. (22 minutes)

#31051 Trends & Issues - Dillon Is Different: Fragile X Syndrome (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

To talk with 10-year-old Dillon Kelley, it is not readily apparent that he has a form of mental retardation. But that does not stop his 4th-grade classmates, who discern that he is unlike them without understanding why, from teasing and shunning him. In this program, ABC News anchor Ted Koppel compassionately presents Dillon's story as an opportunity to better understand the genetic disorder called Fragile X syndrome. Through anecdotes, Dillon's family members describe aspects of his behavior, the ostracism he faces, and the time when, in a bold and unusual step, they went to his school to explain to his peers why he is different. (22 minutes)

#31146 Trends & Issues - Educating Peter (Run time 32 min.) DVD $89.95

When Peter Gwasdauskis, a child with Down syndrome, was mainstreamed into a public school, he had a lot to learn about dealing with differences-and so did his classmates. Filmed over the course of the third-grade school year, this 1992 Academy Award-winning documentary vividly captures Peter's achievements and frustrations as he makes a place for himself among his peers. The program features interviews with Peter's parents, teachers, fellow students, and aides, and also illustrates how his classmates' wary tolerance grows into sincere acceptance as they actively involve themselves in his process of socialization. An HBO Production. (32 minutes)

#33301 Trends & Issues - Uncommon Genius: Savant Syndrome (Run time 50 min.) DVD $89.95

Savants and their incredible abilities pose intriguing questions to cognitive science: why are 75 percent of savants male? What links savants and autism? In this program, Australian psychologist Dr. Robyn Young continues ongoing research by visiting several savants, including the real "Rain Man." She also consults other experts, such as Dr. Darold Treffert, who believes that some savant skills are "hardwired" in the brain, and Dr. Bernard Rimland of San Diego's Autism Research Institute, who posits a link between autism and some vaccinations or antibiotics. A Discovery Channel Production. (50 minutes)

#6067 Trends & Issues - Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder: Taming the Turmoil (Run time 24 min.) DVD $99.95

This program explores how a doctor and a social worker help families and individuals cope with ADD. Dr. John Schneeberger, an expert on the condition, provides a thorough explanation of the disorder, including the multi-modal treatment approach which combines medical, psychological, educational, and parental intervention, as well as the appropriate uses of Ritalin. The program observes as the social worker helps children with ADD to build their social skills and confidence, and works with their parents to help them with the challenges that ADD places on the entire family. (24 minutes)

#35996 Trends & Issues - Integrating ESL Students into the Classroom (Run time 27 min.) DVD $99.95

By viewing Integrating ESL Students, classroom teachers of any subject will come away with concrete information and advice that they can use to teach-and reach-their English-language learners (ELLs) better. Practicality and relevance guide the program as it reviews basic ESL standards and strategies, gives examples of how to incorporate these techniques into teaching various subject areas, suggests ways to assist ELLs in mastering English in social and community settings, and addresses the use of technology in helping ELLs improve their understanding and expand their knowledge. Multiply the power of this program! Workshop it with the accompanying facilitator's workbook. It contains suggested topics for discussion, exercises for participants to practice skills or explore ideas on their own, and more. (A viewable/printable version of the workbook is available online.) Award-winning psychologist Kenneth Shore, Ph.D.-an author of six books on students' special needs and a recognized advocate of inclusiveness in the classroom-consulted in the making of this program. Recommended for teachers, student teachers, and education students. Correlates to national standards from the Center for Applied Linguistics and TESOL. A facilitator's workbook is included. A Films for the Humanities & Sciences Production. (27 minutes)

#25766 Trends & Issues - Learning Disorders (Run time min.) DVD $119.9

This two-part series helps parents, educators, and social workers understand learning disorders. The controversy surrounding ADHD is also discussed. A Meridian Production.

#5794 Trends & Issues - Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder in Children (Run time 20 min.) DVD $129.95

Not so long ago, Andy might have been labeled a problem, a hyperactive child. In fact, he has one of the most common behavioral disorders among American children-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD. This program explains what ADD and ADHD are: causes, symptoms, proper evaluation and diagnosis, and approaches to treatment. The emotional impact of ADD and ADHD on those suffering from the disorder and on their families can be devastating, and the program offers expert advice on coping with this challenge. (20 minutes)

#6160 Trends & Issues - Ritalin: Drug Treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder (Run time 20 min.) DVD $129.95

This program takes a close look at Ritalin, the drug which has gained wide acceptance as a treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The program examines whether Ritalin, which appears to provide quick and effective treatment, is being overprescribed as a quick cure to a complicated problem and looks at the dangers of misusing the drug. The program also visits a school where children with behavioral problems are taught skills that help them focus their attention without drugs. (20 minutes)

#6984 Trends & Issues - Dyslexia: A Different Kind of Mind (Run time 29 min.) DVD $129.95

Dyslexia, a learning disability that affects oral and written language, often masks the presence of a gifted mind. People with dyslexia learn differently. This program from The Doctor Is In explores that cognitive difference by examining how dyslexic students learn, and how new teaching techniques are helping them succeed in school. These teaching approaches are explored at the Washington Lab School-a pioneer in the implementation of innovative teaching methods. Thomas West, author of In the Mind's Eye, discusses our society's need for the visual talents possessed by many people with dyslexia. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Production. (29 minutes)

#2348 Trends & Issues - Dyslexia: Diagnosis and Prognosis (Run time 26 min.) DVD $149.95

This program from The Doctor Is In provides an overview of the nature of the various disorders called dyslexia, the symptoms in preschool children and in the classroom, the nature and probable reason for dyslexics' learning disabilities, the types of diagnostic testing, and the types of learning assistance that have allowed dyslexics to develop their potential. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (26 minutes)

#3275 Trends & Issues - In a Class of His Own (Run time 26 min.) DVD $149.95

Grahame was two-and-a-half when he startled his parents by reading from a newspaper. By the time he was four, he tested at a 10-year-old's reading level. His parents were determined that his remarkable ability be fostered in every way and he started at a local primary school just after his fourth birthday, but he did not do well in school, appeared bored, and-his parents felt-was not properly or even fairly treated by his teachers. The program covers a year of Grahame's schooling, and the unresolved and frustrating problems of dealing with a child who does not fit the intellectual mold. (26 minutes)

#3277 Trends & Issues - A Chess Prodigy (Run time 26 min.) DVD $149.95

At the age of six, Nigel was already demolishing his father at the chess board, and at 16 he became the youngest International Chess Master in history. This program shows the price of such achievement: the effort to give his brothers enough attention, the strains on the parental relationship that eventual led to divorce, the uneven academic career of the boy so outstandingly gifted in one very specialized mental endeavor. (26 minutes)

#3331 Trends & Issues - Learning Without School (Run time 26 min.) DVD $149.95

Hoppie is 11 years old and has spent a total of one week at school. His parents decided that putting a child through the formal school system was more likely to restrict than to expand and encourage his development and learning. He is instead learning through sharing his natural sense of discovery and curiosity with those around him. Though not a practical alternative to the necessary limitations of normal school classes, the path chosen by Hoppie's parents does offer some hopeful illustrations for improving individualized education. (26 minutes)

#5144 Trends & Issues - Dyslexia: Diagnosis and Treatment (Run time 39 min.) DVD $149.95

Difficulty with reading and spelling is not necessarily dyslexia. This program explains what dyslexia means and the many ways in which it is manifested; the extensive testing necessary-beyond how the subject reads and spells and what kind of error he or she makes-to make a diagnosis of dyslexia; and the role of heredity. Treatment builds on the student's strengths while focusing on his or her weaknesses and may involve neurological, psychological, or neuropsychological aspects, as well as individually-adapted language, auditive, and reading and spelling training programs; examples are given. Dutch dialogue with English narration. (39 minutes)

#5299 Trends & Issues - Special Needs Students in Regular Classrooms? Sean's Story (Run time 45 min.) DVD $169.95

This is the story of an eight-year-old boy with Down syndrome who was part of a battle over "inclusion," the practice of placing mentally or physically challenged students in regular classrooms. Teachers felt inadequately trained; teachers and parents asked whether "inclusion" was in the best interests of all students-those with and those without disabilities; and the future of special education schools was in question. The program chronicles Sean's first year in a regular classroom setting and also follows the story of his friend Bobby, who also has Down syndrome but whose parents chose to keep him in the special education school. Sean's mother thinks a regular classroom will help him adjust to the real world; Bobby's mother equates placing a mentally challenged child in a regular classroom with "putting a five-foot-two kid on the varsity basketball team and expecting him to do well." The program talks to students, parents, teachers, and administrators on both sides of the issue. (45 minutes)

#5310 Trends & Issues - Dyslexia: Diagnosis and Therapy (Run time 52 min.) DVD $149.95

This program features eight children and adults of different ages, all of whose lives have been severely affected by dyslexia. It shows the relief diagnosis brings and underscores the incalculable importance of early recognition, as well as the sometimes tragic consequences and cost to society when dyslexia remains undiagnosed. The program stresses that teachers and parents are uniquely placed to recognize the signs of dyslexia, and helps alert them to the symptoms and the immediate need for adequate and specialized guidance. (52 minutes)

#5334 Trends & Issues - The Diagnosis and Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder in Children (Run time 29 min.) DVD $149.95

This program from The Doctor Is In shows how a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is made and what treatments are working. The program follows children at home and school, both on and off medication. An innovative private school specializing in alternative education for children with ADD is profiled, and the program explains how best to structure school and home environments. Psychiatrists John Ratey and Ned Hallowell, experts in this field, provide background and perspective. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (29 minutes)

#8950 Trends & Issues - Dyslexia in the Primary Classroom (Run time 40 min.) DVD $149.95

Dyslexia, which requires a specialized approach to teaching, only becomes a disability if it goes unrecognized. This comprehensive program describes the symptoms, stresses the vital need for early identification, suggests classroom strategies for effective teaching, and reinforces the importance of parental involvement. Assessment tools such as the Aston Index, DEST (Dyslexia Early Screening Test), and CoPS, a computer-based cognitive profiling system, are demonstrated. A computer simulation of how text appears to people with dyslexia is included as well, along with excerpts from an award-winning short film called Words of Deception, a college project that depicts life with this learning disorder. A BBC Production. (40 minutes)

#29956 Trends & Issues - Living with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (Run time 53 min.) DVD $149.95

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is characterized by developmentally inappropriate impulsivity, inattentiveness, and, in some cases, hyperactivity. In this program, therapists, teachers, parents, and patients offer their insights into living with and overcoming AD/HD. The benefits of a treatment approach combining ongoing psychological assessment, specialized classes, and carefully monitored use of Ritalin or similar medications are cited. In addition, the brain biochemistry of people with AD/HD is discussed, and anomalous brain development before birth is identified as a likely cause of the disorder. (53 minutes)

#30086 Trends & Issues - Teaching Lessons and Learning Lessons in the Special Ed Classroom (Run time 27 min.) DVD $149.95

This down-to-earth program shares the hard-won experiences of an award-winning special ed teacher. Speaking with an engaging mix of candor, earnestness, and passion, he explains how personal introspection, collaboration with other staff members, promoting trust, structuring the academic environment, instilling success, and developing teacher/student interdependence have transformed his classroom into a place where students thrive. Part success story, part how-to manual, the program is an excellent source of ideas and inspiration for teachers of all types of students. (26 minutes)

#30492 Trends & Issues - At the Gates of Autism: Emerging into Life (Run time 59 min.) DVD $149.95

As a child, Dr. Temple Grandin was diagnosed as brain-damaged; doctors today would call her autistic. But her condition did not deter her and, with the help of her mother and therapists, she went on to become an expert in animal behavior, designing livestock handling facilities and teaching as an assistant professor at Colorado State University. Much of her expertise with animals comes through lessons learned from her own condition. This program provides the rare opportunity to hear an autistic person discuss her condition and how she deals with life. Dr. Grandin offers many insights into the motivations behind autistic behavior and how parents, teachers, and therapists can better work with autistic children. (59 minutes)

#31147 Trends & Issues - Graduating Peter (Run time 75 min.) DVD $149.95

This inspiring and thought-provoking follow-up to the 1992 Academy Award-winning documentary Educating Peter highlights the experiences of Peter Gwasdauskis, a child with Down syndrome, in sixth grade, eighth grade, and high school as he adds speech therapy and life skills classes and on-the-job training to his academic coursework. Interviews with Peter's parents, teachers, fellow students, aides, and doctors demonstrate the broad-based, ongoing support mobilized to help him fight depression, improve his ability to communicate, and move ahead in building a meaningful life for himself. An HBO Production. (76 minutes)

#36423 Trends & Issues - Memory Masters: How Savants Store Information (Run time 53 min.) DVD $149.95

Reudiger Gamm performs complex arithmetic instantly and without help-his brain stores numbers like a calculator. Orlando Sorrel remembers exactly what he was doing on any date, at any hour, and can accurately predict the day of the week thousands of years in the future. Kim Peek-the original "Rain Man"-has read 12,000 books and hasn't forgotten a single word. What lies behind these astonishing abilities? This program explores recent research into the vast mental capacities of so-called savants. Studying brain structure and other important neurological factors, the film also examines why savants often lack basic interpersonal and survival skills. (53 minutes)

#36424 Trends & Issues - The Einstein Effect: Savants and Creativity (Run time 54 min.) DVD $149.95

Mute until the age of nine, Stephen Wiltshire learned to communicate through realistic, richly detailed drawings. Alonzo Clemens sculpts clay animal figures with great precision, even though he can barely form a sentence. Matt Savage faced extraordinary developmental problems as a child but has become a teen prodigy among jazz musicians. What is the relationship between creativity and autistic behavior? Why does slow learning-such as the young Albert Einstein experienced-sometimes conceal genius? This program focuses on these questions and other aspects of autistic brain research, revealing fascinating links between the realms of savants and prodigies. (54 minutes)

#38731 Trends & Issues - Inside Dyslexia (Run time 58 min.) DVD $149.95

Often viewed as a weakness, dyslexia actually means that a person processes information differently, and many with the disorder have learned to see it as a strength. This program illustrates the challenges faced by Amanda, Carmen, and Gio-three young people living with dyslexia-through personal interviews with them and those close to them. Viewers are guided into their unique and often overlooked world, made clear through eye-opening scenes at school and home. Produced by filmmakers who are themselves dyslexic, the film serves as a tool for educating others about dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia, and for identifying a common vocabulary that can bridge the gap between those with and without learning disabilities. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. (58 minutes)

#10651 Trends & Issues - Alternative Education: Choices Beyond the Public School System (Run time min.) DVD $179.9

Although intended to promote academic success for all, the traditional public school system in the U.S. has not always been able to measure up to its own high standards. In districts characterized by sagging test scores and dilapidated buildings, many parents are having second thoughts about enrolling their children. This provocative two-part series contends that homeschooling, charter schools, and vouchers may be viable ways to truly democratize the American education experience. 2-part series, 30 minutes each.

#35409 Trends & Issues - Finding the Words: Case Studies in Autism Treatment (Run time min.) DVD $179.9

Jake and Andrew are two young boys with autism. Diagnosed in preschool, they have been undergoing applied behavioral analysis for several years now, with mixed results. This two-part series from ABC News examines their progress while discussing the benefits and apparent limits of ABA. 2-part series, 22 minutes each.

#31145 Trends & Issues - Down Syndrome in the Inclusive Classroom (Run time min.) DVD $239.9

This compelling two-part series examines the challenges and benefits of educational mainstreaming for children with mental disabilities through the poignant story of Peter Gwasdauskis, a child with Down syndrome. Owing to the extensive classroom footage and many insightful interviews, the series is an indispensable resource for anyone studying or working with Down syndrome, especially within an educational context. An HBO Production. 2-part series, 32-76 minutes each.

#36422 Trends & Issues - Beautiful Minds: The Psychology of the Savant (Run time min.) DVD $449.85

In the field of brain research there is no subject more intriguing than the savant-an individual with mental, behavioral, or even physical disability who possesses acute powers of observation, mathematical aptitude, or artistic talent. This three-part series provides an enthralling look into the psychology and neuroscience of the savant's mysterious world. 3-part series, 53 minutes each.

#3273 Trends & Issues - An Exceptional Child (Run time min.) DVD $949.95

The demands made by any exceptional child on schools, teachers, parents, and family relationships are much greater and more intense than those of ordinary children. How can responsible adults deal with these demands? This series deals with seven exceptional children, their schooling, and their families, to see what can be learned from their experiences-from their mistakes, failures, and successes. 7-part series, 26 minutes each.

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