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 #25198 Difficulties in Communication
 #26741 Verbal Communication
 #25875 Media Communication(+$4)
 #25982 Non-Verbal Communication(+$4)
 #8476 Constructive Communications: Talking Your Way to Success(+$34)
 #8477 Writing for Results: The Winning Written Report(+$34)
 #8478 Effective Listening Skills: Listening to What You Hear(+$34)
 #11162 Making Your Presentation(+$44)
 #10177 Language(+$84)
 #10178 Writing(+$84)
 #10179 Modern Myths(+$84)
 #10180 Comedy(+$84)
 #10829 Public Speaking: Time to Stand(+$84)
 #25259 Effective Communications(+$145.85)
 #8475 The Communication Series(+$193.9)
 #10176 The Art of Communicating(+$473.85)

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Product Description:
#25198 Communications - Difficulties in Communication (Run time 9 min.) DVD $45.95

Ineffective techniques or patterns of sending information are demonstrated, such as to placate, to blame, to compute, and to distract. Leveling, the effective way for everyone to communicate, is offered as a solution to the problems of having your message misunderstood. Stress is placed on the importance of positive communication and its ability to foster good relationships, and on the importance of actively taking responsibility for your own actions. (9 min.) A Meridian Production.

#26741 Communications - Verbal Communication (Run time 12 min.) DVD $45.95

Examines the communication process and illustrates the need to speak clearly and listen attentively. Feedback, as an ongoing aspect of effective communication, is also explored. Misunderstandings are commonly caused by a lack of proper communication-of the sender not being understood by the listener, or of the listener not paying attention to the message they are getting from the sender. Proper speaking and listening techniques can make a huge difference in how we perceive other people, as well as how we are perceived. (9 min.) A Meridian Production.

#25875 Communications - Media Communication (Run time 14 min.) DVD $49.95

Media communication has advanced to an unprecedented level of sophistication. Television, telephone, radio, and other forms of media communication are powerful tools that can have a great deal of influence on our lives-how we view issues, how we act, dress, and what kind of consumers we are. This program examines the different forms of media communication in use today and how they affect us both positively and negatively. (15 min.) A Meridian Production.

#25982 Communications - Non-Verbal Communication (Run time 9 min.) DVD $49.95

Explores the ability of body language to reinforce or contradict the message we are sending verbally. Students will understand the importance of how we dress and present ourselves in order to make a good impression. Differing eye expressions are examined as a powerful body language tool, as is the sense of touch. Mixed messages are also investigated. (13 min.) A Meridian Production.

#8476 Communications - Constructive Communications: Talking Your Way to Success (Run time 34 min.) DVD $79.95

This program guides viewers through an E.A.S.Y. communication process. Stucents learn constructive communications by identifying the Effect they hope to achieve; understanding the knowledge and attitude of their Audience; explaining the Subject with specific and organized information; and seeing the positive effects of knowing and understanding Yourself. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 30-minute video.

#8477 Communications - Writing for Results: The Winning Written Report (Run time 34 min.) DVD $79.95

This program stresses that good writing skills are critical to job success and that employers seek job applicants who have these skills. Learn how to produce a winning written report by analyzing the reader; determining the purpose; selecting and narrowing topics; gathering, recording, and filing information; and organizing the paper. Learn the benefits of concrete and specific supporting material, proofreading and revising, and a well-polished final product. Gain valuable skills for future success while acquiring the ability and confidence to put thoughts in writing. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 30-minute video.

#8478 Communications - Effective Listening Skills: Listening to What You Hear (Run time 42 min.) DVD $79.95

This important lesson discusses habits and traits that keep us from being good listeners and teaches improved listening skills with the D.R.I.V.E. process. Students learn the benefits of listening and master the skill by Deciding to listen, Reading all stimuli, Investing spare time wisely, Verifying what they hear, and Expending energy. Teach your students how to process the information that goes in one ear, and that information won't have a chance to escape through the other!A Cambridge Educational Production. One 42-minute video.

#11162 Public Speaking & Presentation - Making Your Presentation (Run time 21 min.) DVD $89.95

When it comes to public speaking, preparation is the key to success. Using a step-by-step approach, this program thoroughly addresses each part of the presentation process. The topics of smoking and alcohol act as platforms for building two separate informational presentations, both of which demonstrate planning and research; preparation of content, visuals, and handouts; rehearsal; and delivery. Advanced skills such as the use of body language and speaker/audience interaction are discussed, and stage fright is examined. On-screen outlines reinforce this thorough learning tool. (21 minutes)

#10177 Communications - Language (Run time 53 min.) DVD $129.95

Language is a social construct. It unites the individuals of a given community through a code that is understood by those who use it, ranging from street slang to the prescribed usage of grammar by an elite. This program examines language in a historical context and as a political tool. Since the advent of the printing press and, most recently, the Internet, English has become the universal language, replacing French. This has in turn meant the loss of many languages. Today only 6,000 are still spoken, and it is estimated that by the end of the 21st century, 90 percent of these will have disappeared. (53 minutes)

#10178 Communications - Writing (Run time 53 min.) DVD $129.95

This program traces the evolution of writing from its pictograph and hieroglyph antecedents. Recent discoveries have revealed that the earliest alphabet was corrupted shorthand for Egyptian hieroglyphs, developed by Semitic mercenaries. As the Roman alphabet became dominant in the Western world, indigenous languages were lost as Roman law and the Latin alphabet became a tool by which minority peoples were subjugated. By the Middle Ages, the majority of Western texts were written in Latin and available only to a powerful elite. Today, there are four remaining major alphabets: Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, and Latin. (53 minutes)

#10179 Communications - Modern Myths (Run time 53 min.) DVD $129.95

All communities embrace organizing principles that are indispensable to their cohesion, imposing order on chaos and allowing individuals to function in groups. Many of these principles are related through myths. In this program, the transformation of the earlier "savior" myth into the modern myth of the "hero" is examined. How social myths such as "progress" facilitate modern industrial societies, and the myth of the "star" as a social construct that provides the audience with an object on which to project its ideals, are also discussed. (53 minutes)

#10180 Communications - Comedy (Run time 53 min.) DVD $129.95

Comedy is the complement of tragedy, and tragedy is one of the oldest forms of ritual in the Western world. However, while tragedy is linked to the sacred, comedy is often linked to the profane and sometimes even the sacrilegious. This program explores comedy, from Aristophanes and Cicero to the Christian ban on humor. The Feast of Fools and Carnival as Christian institutions that celebrate the profane are examined, along with the role of the Fool in the Renaissance court. The work of Rabelais as a Reformation-era text examines satire as a form of social critique and political tool that verges on the blasphemous. Literary figures such as Moliere and more recent icons, such as Charlie Chaplin, are discussed, along with societies like Japan that suppress laughter and consider it subversive. (53 minutes)

#10829 Public Speaking & Presentation - Public Speaking: Time to Stand (Run time 27 min.) DVD $129.95

In this program, Dr. Tina Dupree, president of the Motivational Training Center and founder of the Professional Speakers Network, shares her proven techniques for building confidence as a public speaker. How to turn fear into an asset, master the art of small talk, create a "30-second commercial," assess an audience, choose the right words, organize a speech, improve delivery, and other topics are addressed, along with the ten do's and don'ts of creating a winning speech. Guest speakers include Arlene Hoffman, of International Sales & Marketing; Bradley Johnson, of Johnson Partners Research; and retired pro football player Roy Foster. (27 minutes)

#25259 Communications - Effective Communications (Run time min.) DVD $191.8

This four-part series provides an excellent overview of all forms of communications. The series presents facts and skills in all areas of communication and suggests ways to overcome communication problems. A Meridian Production.

#8475 Communications - The Communication Series (Run time min.) DVD $239.85

This series outlines effective speaking, writing, and listening skills in a business environment. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 30-minute video each.

#10176 Communications - The Art of Communicating (Run time min.) DVD $519.8

All societies have engaged in formalized types of communication through telling stories about their histories, whether it is an oral saga of a dynastic family or an annual ritual such as Greek tragedy. With the advent of writing, the oral tradition was transcribed and became less permeable. As certain alphabets became dominant, many minority languages were lost, along with their literary corpora. This four-part series examines language, writing, modern myths, and comedy in their historical contexts, from the ancient world to contemporary culture. 4-part series, 53 minutes each.

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