History of the Shiva Tradition
In 1893, the artist Ramon Shiva was born in Spain. He came to Chicago in 1910, to expand his career as an artist. In 1913, there was an art exhibition of avant-garde art, held at the Chicago Art Institute. This exhibit captured his attention and motivated him to explore a more abstract and colorful style.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention
Shiva was concerned about color permanency and could not find the type of oil paint that satisfied him as to be high enough quality for his work. Shiva found a solution, because he also had training as a chemist. He began to create fine paints for himself and other famous painters he knew.

Artists Involvement in Creation of the Paints
He consulted with artists such as Vaughn Milbourne, Sessions, and Haddon Sunblom, on how to improve his paints. The was invaluable feedback from prominent artists, which led to the development of outstanding paints and bringing back water-based Casein paint derived from milk to be used with the oil paints. When Shiva’s daughter got married, her husband Jimmy Rhodes took on the task of turning the paint making into a business.

The Shiva Company
The official manufacturing of Shiva paint started in 1929. The Shiva Company made all the paint used in decorating the 1933-1934 Chicago World’s Fair called, A Century of Progress. Under Rhodes stewardship, by the 1940s and continuing through the 1950s, the Shiva Company became the number one manufacturer of oil paints in America.

Jack Richeson & Company
Decades ago, an errand boy named Jack Richeson starting working with Mr. Shiva to learn the trade of making the finest oil paints possible. In 2002, Mr. Richeson saw his life’s dream come true. Jack Richeson & Company in now the manufacturer of the Shiva oil paints based on all the original formulas from the 1930s to 1950s that made Shiva paints the top brand in the country.

Shiva Premium Signature Oil Colors are rich colors with brilliant hues. They contain chemically pure pigments mixed with the best linseed oil (or safflower oil for the lighter colors). They will not darken, turn yellow, fade, or crack and have excellent color stability. They are of the finest quality produced under controlled laboratory conditions to be the best in America. 

Ramon Shiva, the founder of the Shiva Oil Paints Company, studied and lectured at the Chicago Art Institute. He was also a member of the prestigious Palette & Chisel Academy.

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